IMMEDIATE advice needed! test tomorrow

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by DenverTransplant, Dec 20, 2005.

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    So on the box it says to drink the detox formula wait 10 minutes n then refill the bottle wit water n drink it..thats it i dont have to drink anymore water then that detox n 1 bottle of water??? Im confused
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    Wow. I got stressed out just reading this. Glad you passed dude. I’ve been working for the same municipality for 13 years and they do random drug testing. We’ve had guys get sent to the “lab” two weeks in a row trying to catch them.
    I lost one of my best coworkers last year because he popped for weed. It’s a zero tolerance policy. You fail, your gone. Period. No redos. I’m currently recovering from cancer and my doc says cannabis would be beneficial for me but he cannot give me a medical card. (Texas). So I’ve got to either survive 6 more years to retire before I can medicate, or move to Colorado and find another job and start over on retirement or take my chances. For now I’m relying on abstinence and CBD. I’m gonna stick it out for the next six years. I just hope I can stay cancer free for that long.
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    That is horrible. Stories like yours are why I think it is beyond absurd that cannabis is illegal and is apparently more harmful than cocaine. Luckily CBD isn't banned aswell, I would probably move to another country if it was. Even though CBD is good, nothing can replace the feeling you get from smoking cannabis.
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