Importance of Testing Well for Life Insurance Policy?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Universer, May 11, 2004.

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    I have purchased a Whole Life insurance policy, and as a part of the purchase, I need to submit blood and urine samples, just to check on my general health.

    I'm an occasional smoker, though over the past couple of months I've been as heavy as I've ever been -- smoking usually for an hour or two every second or third evening. However, today is Tuesday, and my exam is scheduled for Thursday, and I haven't smoked since Sunday. (I've also been diluting a bit -- that has worked for me in the past, but I wasn't as heavy of a smoker then.)

    My question: Does anyone know how crucially important it is not to show cannabis metabolites for a life insurance medical exam? What's at stake isn't a job -- privacy regulations would theoretically prevent that -- but instead my premium might be increased, I suppose, or more questions would be asked.

    Any insight?

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    The first thing you need to determin is if the test are for determining your health or are they drug test. A drug test requires your concent and signature. If it is a drug test, I suggest that in order to be 100% certian of keeping your private life private, that you substitute a clean sample. I would recomend Dr. John's for an insurance test. It is available at this link for $30.

    Read the Substitution guidelines linked to in my signature at the bottom of this post. Hope that helps. N2
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  3. Universer

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    I am almost entirely positive that it is a test (blood and urine) to determine general health. It is "to provide applicable medical information concerning my insurability." Cholesterol, liver and kidney disorders, HIV, and medications/drugs/nicotine/metabolites will be tested for.

    The results will only be known to the insurance company.

    I think I'll just dilute a bit and answer whatever questions they may have.

    Any other thoughts, by N2Pot or anyone else?
  4. maryjanemama

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    My husband and I are both heavy pot smokers. Two years ago we purchased large life insurance policies and blood/urine samples were required.
    At that time, the samples were NOT tested for cannabis. They tested for tobacco, though. I'm assuming they just check for simple health problems (high colesterol, etc.). I don't think you have anything to worry about. Besides, they wouldn't do drug tests because of the cost. Remember, every test that they do requires time and money. They don't want to do anything that would slow down your paperwork and keep them from making money.
  5. IamN2pot

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    If you want to be absolutly sure they detect nothing, use the synthetic at this site and substitute.

    Read the SUBSTITUTION guidelines I have linked to at the bottom of my post. I'm sorry, I don't have more specific answers about insurance testing. N2
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  6. Universer

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    Well, I pissed into the cup, and they drew some blood as well. I did find out that the urine is to check for "drugs," whatever that means. (Do they check for cannabis metabolites? I didn't ask such a direct question.)

    I diluted like hell for the past two days, and haven't smoked in nearly four. I know that this is just for a life insurance policy, but the dirty little secret is that I am a financial advisor (and a damn good one), and I primarily do my insurance business with Union Central, from whom I bought a policy ($100K Whole Life) on myself. I'd really rather they not know that I toke up on occasion. They could revoke my appointment with them (meaning my ability to sell their products).

    Thanks for all the advice.

    Hell, while I'm here, if anyone needs individual or small business financial services, I'm your dude. :) We can look over some financial business, then toke up.
  7. maxgold

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    It seems unlikey to me that they would let your failing the test, if you do, affect your business relationship with them, hell, you make them money.
  8. Universer

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    Max, I concur with you. And considering I just wrote a sizable Whole/Term Life policy just today, I hope that sways true.

    But, better safe than sorry.

    If I'm out of a successful career, I would be just another casualty in the pot wars. Sad, isn't it?

    Highly unlikely that anything negative will come to pass. But there's always the chance, if I catch the wrong pee with the cup, and someone who believes in the government-funded propaganda happens to be the underwriter.

    A little dose of paranoia isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Yes, President Bush, et al., I am the face of the pot user: Young, suburban white male professional with high earning power. I wear a tie to work, and give flowers on Mother's Day. Hell, I sound like a bloody Republican. Once the conservatives get their grimy mitts out of my morals (not to mention my stash), I might -- and I stress, might -- consider joining them.

    But since Hell hasn't frozen over yet, not bloody likely.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Max.
  9. IamN2pot

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    LOL!!! Good post, Universer. N2
  10. casual user

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    Hell, while I'm here, if anyone needs individual or small business financial services, I'm your dude. :) We can look over some financial business, then toke up.[/QUOTE]

    Some financial planner told me that to avoid paying Capital Gain taxes to put my money in a Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance policy.
    However, another planner told me that those plans have a high administrative cost.
    I don't get it, why is this a good plan?
    And, if I get my money, do I pay taxes from there? If so, why get it then?
  11. omanthissux

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    for my future i too have a life insurance drug test coming up......were u observed when u pissed?......
  12. Texasradio

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    I live in California and have given a blood and urine sample for the purchase of Term Life insurance. The results came back and cannabis was not screened for. I was approved and so was my wife. She stopped smoking 4 days prior to the test and I stopped 1 day prior to the test. We usually smoke about 5 days out of the week. Synthetic urine is great for passing just a drug test, but the sample won't be accurate for all the other tests they administer. It would be too healthy of a sample which could raise a red flag. They usually run about $1,100 worth of testing and will give you the results for free, pass or fail anyway. Might as well take advantage of them. If cannabis is all you're worried about then you should be fine.
  13. Iguana

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    Wow, the OP was 4 years ago. Wonder what happened with his insurance application? BTW, term is usually a much better deal than whole life.
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    i recently had a physical exam for a life insurance policy. blood test & urine. i spark about 1-2x a week. i abstained for 16 days and tested clean. worked out a ton & sweated. ate clean. i picked up some of those thc test kits. they are like $2 a pop. they work. if you grill everyday i would allow for at least 3 weeks before the test. if you are not active and are overweight allow for at least a month if not more.

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