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  1. jakez

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    I thought this might be helpful for some people that might be wasting a lot of money on vision care. I came across this book somehow the other night, I didn't believe it at first but after reading so many reviews on Amazon this is a sure thing. Basically, if you are motivated enough to do the exercises a few times a week, you can exercise your eyes and over time (pretty quickly) improve your vision dramatically.

    Many of the reviews on there have people claiming their vision has went in the other direction and they are suddenly going through their previous set of glasses. The conclusion everyone has come about why not many people are told this is because the vision doctors would never want info like this known, they would rather your vision become worse and worse.

    Fuck, it was $10 on eBay so why not? Reviews for Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses: Books: Steven M. Beresford,David W. Muris,Merril J. Allen,Francis A. Young
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  2. rebgirl420

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    Oh yeah its a conspiracy from the lens crafters people, oh god, not the lens crafters people!? My view of this world is ruined! Who can you trust if you can't trust the optomatrists!?

    Sorry hun, I had too it made me laugh.
  3. jakez

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    Sorry, I thought you were basically throwing my whole post away with the usual "haha crazy conspiracy person" speech, lol. I didn't go into this blindly. And along with the reviews from Amazon I found many forums with people discussing the improvement in their vision through these same exercises (not necessarily this book)..
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  4. rebgirl420

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    No hun I wasnt poking fun at you, just thought you were making a joke about wird medical cures. Like the kind you hear late night on t.v.
  5. jamstigator

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    I'm a believer. When I was little, perhaps 8 or 9 years old, I started having vision problems, but I stumbled upon a muscle around my eyeballs that I could contract and my vision would go back to 20/20. I had never read *anything* about eye exercises at that point, incidentally.

    Everyone else in my family, three sisters, brother, grandparents, father, mother -- they *all* wore glasses and had shitty vision without them, but I kept my 20/20 until recently; now it's getting worse again. Still, eye exercises, even just the ones I stumbled upon myself, kept my vision clear for an extra 35 years. I'll probably get glasses this next year. I think there are simply limits to how much correction exercises can provide, especially once you're in your 40s or older.

    But the exercises *do* work, at least for many people. My significant other expressed disbelief when I told her I had self-corrected my vision as a child with exercises, so that's when I got on the web to see if anyone else had ever had that experience too, and stumbled across this stuff and showed it to her. I don't think she *wanted* to believe, because she's been wearing glasses herself for 40 years or so, but now she does.
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  6. the image reaper

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    that theory of eye exercises was in the news quite a bit, years ago ... evidently, it had some merit, even the tv news mentioned it ... worth trying, thanks for the link :thumbsup:
  7. good find. it's pretty simple though really. I mean the eye is essentially a muscle. exercise it and target the right parts and it will perform better. however, there is always a peak. I mean say you're talkin about an average man working on his bench press. The more he works out the stronger his chest will be until he reaches a certain age in which he stops making gains and naturally loses the strength with age but then again not at the same rate as someone who didn't exercise? hope that made sense..
  8. jamstigator

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    Makes sense to me. I think that's where I'm at: the exercises did help, bought me three and a half decades of perfect vision that I otherwise wouldn't have had. But now I'm getting older and no matter how strong I have made my eye muscles, it's no longer enough. I beat my genetic deficiencies for a while though! ;)
  9. the image reaper

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    I'm really glad he mentioned this eye exercise, I need to try that ... after breaking my neck in a bike crash 3 years ago, my right eye vision worsened drastically, and the pupil doesn't dilate like the other one ( " yes, officer, I am stoned in that eye " ) ... :S2:
  10. WidespreadJazz420

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    sounds like a farce
  11. Gandalf_The_Grey

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    Does anybody know how to do these excercises? I'd love to try them out for my slightly weak left eye.
  12. MadSativa

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    I dont know whats in that book but their are many exercizes to help all your sences. Ninjas would stay in caves with no light some times for days before a big night operation. And after that kind aclamtion to the eyes and other sences, makes night time like day time even with little or no moon. For distance you focus and far and hold, near same thing. Start small (like 20 sec 3 times a day) and dont strain and always breath normal. Things to help vison dont hurt either(vitamins, diet, etc). However if you got eye desises or hereditar problems you need more like sugeries or what ever the doc can help with. Vison improvments are small if any but getting the eye aclimated to your vison is a big improvement all together.
  13. THClord

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    My mom has a book like this and she thinks it's very good. I just didn't care cuz I got perfect vision.

    I've got to agree with you Jakez.

    BTW, my dad works for a lasik surgery company. Heh.
    Lasik is also very good. 1000000 times safer than wearing contacts. 1 out of 6 contact wearers will get an uncurable eye disease. I'm serious.

    If my vision started decaying I'd go on Amazon and buy the book right away.

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