In case weed is should I deal with it?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by orangeman, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Ok I was wondering...just say I did buy some weed laced with PCP or something like that. Say I smoke too much. How should I deal with it? And if I handle it good how big are the chances of me dying from it? To help you experts make a decision I only weigh 100 lbs and I am probably 5'4'' lol. Yes I know I'm a lil small but my dad shot up around this time and I'm expected to do the what do you guys think?
  2. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Stop smoking it.

    Not worth it. Period.

    Dying from it? I don't think so... unless you smoke three blunts of it...
  3. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I never smoked laced weed in my life, but thats why I'm wondering what should I do, I remember when I under-estimated weed once I did get some good shit and had a pretty bad experience, I can only imagine how I'll flip when I see purple little midgets running around my basement. And you actually think it would take 3 blunts (instead of one) to kill some one that weighs as much as I do lol? I think it'd take less than that...but thats just my opinion.
  4. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Hey man, I'm just going from what I've read.

    I've never comed across laced weed with PCP or some shit like that... Maybe some bum-piss... but that's about it.

    The three-blunts figure, it's totally invented. I have no idea. Maybe with one hit you're gone? I don't think so, but... fuck it. Don't smoke it.

    How long till your shit is ready? 2 more months?
  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    What do you mean "until it's ready?" I really dont understand lol.
  6. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Weren't you growing? Small closet grow?

    lol ! Sorry dude if I'm wrong...
  7. orangeman

    orangeman Banned'm only 15, I'll be growing when I turn..18 lol. When ever I can move out and get my own place thats when I'll be growing. I just cant wait because I like smokin but I hate thinkin the shit is laced so when I grow atleast I can feel comfortable knowing that everything that happens to me is natural (in a cannabis sort of way) lol.
  8. dood unless you're buying from a dealer that has a grudge with you or something, it is very unlikely that your shit will be laced.
  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    What about those idiots that put other stuff in their shit to make it stronger to try to attract newer smokers?
  10. acrca

    acrca Registered+

    ha, im 15 also, and i used to grow a plant right in my room. its chill cuz my dad never comes in. but just in case, i kept it locked. it didnt make that many buds but it got damn big. i wish i was on this site then, so i could post a pic of it.
  11. Smashingdols

    Smashingdols Registered+

    i thought laced weed was a lot more common? ive never come across any personally but i know my dealers
    so is it really that dangerous? i thought itd only give u a harder trip
  12. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Obviously your new to the whole drug scene lol. Yes laced weed is dangerous and no it's not common but it's possible. And overloading your system with weed laced with something else like PCP, cocaine CAN kill you and thats why I rather know what laced weed looks like and just study the shit because the last thing I would want to do is spend my last hours on this earth intoxicated not knowing what the fuck is going on except for the fact that I'm dying.
  13. Smashingdols

    Smashingdols Registered+

    orangeman - the last thing I would want to do is spend my last hours on this earth intoxicated not knowing what the fuck is going on except for the fact that I'm dying.

    lol happy thought for the day
    thanx for the info:D
  14. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yeah, dont mention it lol.
  15. bedake

    bedake Registered+

    If i get laced weed i smoke it, thats the best way for me to deal with it.... laced weed is the best weed!

    I trust my dealers, some of them are like my mentors and best friends
  16. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    dude I really really don't think that someone has to go as far as lacing weed to get repeat customers. It's like Chris Rock said, "People don't sell drugs....drugs sell themselves". All it takes to get repeat customers is selling a fat bag at a fair price. Don't be an asshole and you'll be getting phone calls on a regular basis.
  17. Smpthy4TheDevil

    Smpthy4TheDevil Registered+

    you are one paranoid dude, you know that?
  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yes, I know I'm sorry I cant help it lol. Just from past experiences with just everything alltogether weed is just one of those things thats better trusted under your supervision with the growth and all. If you ask me we're all taking a chance when we buy from some one else...Of course we all know different hallucinogens is not all that weed can be tainted with, what about roach spray and shit like that? I dont know what it was used for but I heard of shit like this being used on weed for some reason.
  19. Smpthy4TheDevil

    Smpthy4TheDevil Registered+

    i wish someone would lace my weed with something. more bang for my buck would be nice.

    quite honestly the chances of you getting weed that's been laced without your knowledge are very, very low. why would any good dealer give away free drugs?? if you get laced weed, you'll probably notice that it's been laced by either the appearance, the smell, the taste, or the effects. and the chances of you actually dying from laced weed are extremely small.

    ETA: i've never heard of roach spray being used on weed, for any reason. someone would really have to hate you to sell you pot that's got roach spray on it. dont buy drugs from people who hate you.
  20. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Uh, ok thanks lol.

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