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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by monetgardening, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Good morning, Newbie here to the site. Been a member for awhile, this is my first time posting. I have a couple of questions.
  2. monetgardening

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    I've used two different types, don't ask me what they are I don't know. The first one was great, it didn't get me high but helped calm me, the second one I have now gets me high and I don't like it at all! Would you please educate me on what type I need? Thank you.
  3. Weezard

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    You are looking for a mostly Indica hybrid. Something with "Kush" in the name should do.
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  4. monetgardening

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    Thank you so much for your help Weezard, I greatly appreciate it!!
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  5. Pupp

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    I'd suggest maybe trying a hybrid, leaning toward an indica. Blue Dream, although I've never tried it, is suppose to be pretty calming, with some cerebral effects. It's almost always on the top 5 strains, and is often suggested for people trying weed for the first time.

    Also, how much are you smoking? With beginners, you might want to just use a one hit pipe.
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    I watched a youtube video by some shmuck of a female reporter. She thought it was good journalism, which most assuredly was bad journalism, to go to Amsterdam and try weed for the first time. So she goes to a "coffee house", to sample some weed. The budtender suggests a strain and she buy a single joint. The budtender tells her to take a single hit, and snuff out the joint for later. He mentioned it would take about 10 minutes to kick in. Of course, she sucks down the entire joint and proclaims she not high yet.

    A few minutes later or less, she like, OMG, I'm getting really high. In the follow up the next day, she said she got paranoid and all the other stupid crap one gets from having zero tolerance for weed. I think the THC was 15% to1 8% in the joint, which was probably the lowest THC the coffee house had.

    Then there's the Alex Trebek story.. as told by Alex Trebek: He went to a party and loved the brownies and ate several brownies, and said he stayed in bed all weekend after that.
    I don't think he was high for two days, but it really wiped out his energy.
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    You may have had a CBD strain that has no TCH and will not get you high but still has a lot of the medical effects. I have a friend who swears by it. But, as said, a good indica strain is calming, too, while a sativa dominate strain will be more energetic and can cause anxiety in some people in some instances. I think Purple Punch is a good calming indica, i tried once.
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