In need of THC oil (Milwaukee/Chicago)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jay Rob, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Jay Rob

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    I just moved back to Milwaukee Wisconsin and I'm in need of of THC oil. I don't think it's worth me trying to make my own. Willing to travel as far as to Chicago.
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  2. Stoner Pros

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    you're willing to travel to chicago but not willing to make your own?
  3. Weezard

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    It would be wiser, and safer, to make your own.
    I'm jus' sayin'
  4. Stoner Pros

    Stoner Pros Registered

    you can make your own solventless concentrates at home with just a flat iron, parchment paper, and some bud. If you can get bud, you can make dabbable concentrates using the rosin method.

    Check out my rosin guide if you don't know how to make it already.

    It has the benefit of being solventless, so you don't get the disadvantages of CO2 or Butane extracts, plus you keep the terpenes in tact better than almost all other methods. The only downside to the rosin method is that on a small scale at home the yields aren't quite as good as other methods, but they definitely aren't bad either. If you literally need oil, there are ways of dissolving the concentrates you get from making Rosin.
  5. Jay Rob

    Jay Rob Registered

    As I type I'm working on my first batch...
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