In what other states are CO cards honored?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by lampost, May 1, 2010.

  1. lampost

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    Hey, does anyone know if Colorado MMJ cards are honored in any other states? I just read in another thread that Montana and Rhode Island will honor CO cards. I will have to verify, but does anyone know of any other states where this might be the case? I wish NM would...
  2. funkfingers

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    Those are the only two..
  3. I've heard in BC in Canada they will recognize yr medcard at the shops in vancouverdam
  4. michaelnights

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    Michigan also allows card holders from other mmj states to use and obtain.

    When the law passes in Arizona this Nov. it will allow card holders from other states to use but not obtain from dispensaries.
  5. RockyMtnDezL

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    3 posts and 3 vague answers. CO mmj cards are good in Rhode Island and Monatana, they will be honored there, according to the state web site.Booyao!
  6. lampost

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    I always thought they had some of the strictest MJ laws in the books. Like jailtime for a seed on your floorboard strict...
  7. michaelnights

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    Lampost, there will be a mmj initiative sponsored by MPP on the AZ ballot in Nov of this year. The language in the proposed law includes a patient reciprocal clause for out-of-state card holders.

    AZ laws for recreational use are very strict, you are correct and they will stay that way for all but patient card holders on the state registry.

    A similar mmj ballot initiative passed in AZ in 1996, but was thrown out by their Supreme Court for improper wording. They used the word "prescriptions" when they should have said doctor's "recommendation."
  8. heathen4life

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    according to the colarodo mmj law are cards are not valid anywere but CO some states might honor them but that doesent mean law enforcment has to
  9. lampost

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    Well, hopefully it'll pass! I thought Arizona was pretty conservative but you never know. Let's hope most of the snowbirds - the old people who live there in the winter - vote in their native states and haven't made it down to Arizona yet in November!!
    I'd heard that Tucson's population is only like 30% of normal during the summer months... although they also have a large student population.
  10. COzigzag

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    Check out this link to verify: ASA : Becoming a Patient in Colorado

    Cut & Paste Version:

    I. Reciprocity
    Colorado Residents: Colorado currently has no reciprocity agreements with other states to honor Colorado's medical marijuana law. This includes even those states that currently have medical marijuana laws of their own.

    However, in Montana, medical marijuana patients from other states who are valid medical marijuana patients under that state's law are protected under Section 4(8) of the Montana Medical Marijuana Act [Sec. 50-46-201(8), MCA]. A registry identification card or its equivalent issued by another state government to permit the medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient or to permit a person to assist with a qualifying patient's medical use of marijuana has the same force and effect as a registry identification card issued by the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Montana. Therefore, medical marijuana patients from Colorado should be protected in Montana under Montana state law. See the Montana Patients Guide for details on the protections and limitations that Montana state law affords medical marijuana patients.

    Additionally, in Rhode Island, The Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) protects patients and primary caregivers from outside Rhode Island who have a state issued medical marijuana ID card, or its equivalent. The MMA states, “A registry identification card, or its equivalent, issued under the laws of another state, U.S. territory, or the District of Columbia to permit the medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient, or to permit a person to assist with a qualifying patient's medical use of marijuana, shall have the same force and effect as a registry identification card issued by the department.†Therefore, medical marijuana patients from the other medical marijuana states that have state issued cards should be protected in the state of Rhode Island. See the Rhode Island Patients Guide for more information.

    In states with no medical marijuana program, marijuana use, regardless of a doctor's recommendation, is illegal. You may be arrested and charged with civil or criminal offenses in those states.

    Please verify as your freedom depends on it!

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