Increased heart rate when smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by SnoopDoggyDog, May 14, 2008.

  1. SnoopDoggyDog

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    Anyway to prevent it? My heart rate goes extremely high whenever I smoke and it really fucks with my highs. I try to slow down my breathing but that only helps when I'm sober so what can I do to reduce my heart rate or at least ignore it?
  2. Sweet_Leaf_91

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    I've got the same problem. I vaped a bunch of weed last night and I counted my heart rate at ~120 beats per minute, which I think qualifies as tachycardia. I was extremely high though, so it's definitely possible I counted wrong.
  3. SparkSomeChange

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    The more you think about it, the more you will notice it. Your mind will work to convince you your heartrate is too high, and you will begin to believe it. Dont get stuck in that cycle!
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  4. KindGreenBuds

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    we have had a couple patients notice the same thing. almost all of the time, it happens when smoking a strong indica (kushes mostly). try switching to sativas and you should be able to get a much more comfortable high.
  5. SnoopDoggyDog

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    I always thought it was sativa that you higher heart beats and stuff, so I'll try getting more sativas but that's not always an option because I can't always choose the bud I'm getting.

    And I know that if I don't think about it then it won't be a problem, I used to think that I just thought that my heart rate was increasing but it really wasn't but then I found out that weed really does increase your heart rate so it's all I think about anymore.

    And yea, the last time I got high my heart beat probably was 120 beats per minute, and no that's not an exaggeration. At first I was really scared but then I just said fuck it I don't care and I was able to enjoy my high. I was twitching all over the place though lol.
    But anyway, any other ways to deal with the increased heart rat
  6. Sweet_Leaf_91

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    One thing you might be able to do is try to lower your resting heart rate. Mine was around 80 for a while, but I started running and it dropped by about 10 beats per minute. I don't know what kind of shape you're in already, but you could try some cardio to get your heart in shape and your heart rate may not rise quite as much.

    Another thing that helps is sleep :thumbsup: One time I was sitting at my desk hitting my vaporizer (one of the first couple times I had used it), and I felt like I was having a heart attack, so I went to bed. Same thing with the racing heart beat, if it's late, I usually just go to bed. Come to think of it I've had a few incidents like that with the vape. One time I got far, far too high..I was standing in my bathroom and suddenly the room got really, really dark. If you've ever played Call of Duty, it felt like what happens in the game when a grenade goes off by you and you get shell-shocked. I'm guessing it was the result of very low blood pressure due to vasodilation. Scared the shit out of me, but again, I just went to bed :stoned:
  7. birdgirl73

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    Some tachycardia (heart racing) is very common in response to smoking. It's worse w/ sativas than indicas, and it's a response that happens routinely after smoking of anything because the heart's having to work harder to pump oxygenated blood around the body when you're inhaling lungsful of smoke to compete with your air intake.

    In the post below, my husband outlined a fairly tried-and-true method for slowing the heart rate down if it's dire enough to require some sort of treatment. Good luck w/ that.
  8. SnoopDoggyDog

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    I don't really understand. What I should do is hold my breat and take in slow breaths or something like that?

    And I was pretty sure it had something to do with me not getting enough oxygen. I smoked a lot of it. I think I'm going to take a 3 week break from weed and see if that helps at all.
  9. 8182KSKUSH

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    If this ever happens, sure fire way to solve it is have someone punch you as hard as they can in your nuts or box wichever the case may be..
    Worked every time I tried it!:D
    It may also prevent pregnancy.:jointsmile:
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  10. SnoopDoggyDog

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    Since the heart rate goes up as a result of not having oxygen does that mean that if you use a vaporizer or eat weed brownies then you won't get the increased heart rate?
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  11. Coelho

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    ^^^^ Probably... but i woldnt be sure... when some people get TOO stoned they become a bit afraid, and it can trigger a fast heartbeating... but surely the fact youre not smoking would make the increase in heartbeat way less probable to happen...
    You could also make some hash oil... its FAR purer than any weed, and so you need to inhale FAR less smoke to get the same effects... so its healthier.:thumbsup:
  12. Sweet_Leaf_91

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    No, I use a vaporizer and my heart rate goes through the roof. I think the main reason is because THC dilates blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and your heart pumps faster to maintain blood pressure.
  13. Revanche21

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    as marijuana is a drug, I don't think theres a way to stop your heart rate from going up

    same with caffeine, same with nicotine, tranquilizers(opposite), etc
  14. lazy smoker7

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    lol 120 beats per minute is nothing try being a paranoid person like i am. 120 bpm is a very normal heart beat after smoking herb. Ive had my heart beat at 160bmp for 3-4 hours just after taking I huge bong hit and yes it was 160 cuz i got so scared i called the doctor to come to my house and check it out for me basically he just told me to take some tranqulizers and it helped quite a bit my heart dropped a bit after taking .5 of xanax. For some reason I find eating something sweet helps me sometimes too I always make it routine after i smoke to eat a pudding and get a ginger ale and it usually makes me feal better for some reason i think its cuz some how smoking weed takes away soem sugar from ur body im not sure... I dont really reccomend pepsi or coke and cuz it has caffeine and I think caffeine increasing heart rate and will defintely make u more nervous. Ive had my heart beat so fast ive taken 5 months breaks from weed. I do have a heart murmor i dunno if that needs to be mentioned or not and i do occasionaly get chest pain while smoking but its probally just heart burn im not sure really. I just try to ignore it. Couple days ago i smoked a blunt and again my heart rate was soaring way over 120. And no my shit isnt laced. I am sorta a nervous guy so this could be a reason my heart beats so fast. Anyways I have a new rule to have easy nice going highs... I only smoke jouints or I vape and take medium sized hits... and i have a 3-8 hit MAX but i usualy try to aim for 3-4 hits sometimes i get that bud that creeps up on you and i end up smoking the whole joint and again im overly high with my heart racing extrmly fast and im saying to my self ... darn weed owned me again :stoned:.. So yea here ar Dr. Lazys tips dont smoke every day keep it to once or twice a week, always be listening to your favoite music while toking which makes u happy... and if ur heart races forget about it completely.... i kno its hard but just try to focus on that sweet reggae music thats playing and dont get overly high ... just take a few hits to get a nice easy going high and ur heart wont beat as fast.. and as for eating i dont reccomend it ive gotten seriosuly ill from eating weed b4... its hard to know how high ull get from eating.... also sometimes if i like flex my abdominal muscles and breathe in and breathe out slowy for awhile then that sorta makes the heart rate go down by a bit... but the main thing is just try not to trip... even if it feals like its gonna explode out of ur chest... happy toking 8) :jointsmile: oh and i wasnt on any other meds either...
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  15. painretreat

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    Increased heart rate while smoking

    Dave Byrd was pretty thorough on how and answered this ? in another thread. Did a great job and understandable. i Think the thread was called, "pain!" If u r good at this (I am not) maybe u can find it, or someone else will direct you!
    It also addressed that pot increase's the heart rate (someday, I hope we have more medical data to validate all the reasons why)!:hippy:
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  16. painretreat

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    Oh, checked above--birdgirl instructed you to the site that has that great very informative info. It is very clear how to do. Read it when you aren't too high! lol!
  17. kiirstin

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    hey all ~ i'm an 18 year old female who's been smoking pot/pot products since i've been like 14.

    the other day, i smoked some really really good oil. it was a MONSTER hoot and right off the bat i was worried about what it was going to do to me because i -never- take monster hoots and i have asthma + smoke cigarettes - my lungs aren't in primo condition.

    immediately after taking the hoot my throat felt.. cold. it's hard to explain. i sat there for like 15 minutes, and i started feeling a bit tingly and numb, which is sometimes the case after oil blades.

    i went upstairs. felt spinny, sat in a chair. i got up to ask my sister if she was done in the bathroom, and as soon as i spoke, it felt like everything from the top of my head and down was being SQUISHED down to my toes. i held onto the wall because i thought i was going to black out. (extra info: one time i did blades, went and took a hoot of my inhaler, and fainted. bruised the FUCK out of my knees!) anyways i ran back into the living room and threw myself in the chair. sitting there, i realize, my heart is beating like CRAZY. like, my heart has never beat like that before, it seriously felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. it could of been the heightened sense of your body when you're high thing, but i'm sure i felt blood. moving. circulating. jumping around! i stayed calm and breathed calm, but my heart kept beating like mad.

    it eventually went back to normal in like an hour or so.. so my question is, what are the chances of oil seriously fucking with my body? because like i said above i HAVE fainted from smoking oil before, and sometimes after getting high when i get up i have to like throw myself at something like a counter or a door to hold myself up, because i would faint otherwise. so it's not the first time i've experienced less-than-desirable effects after smoking oil. just this last experience really scared me with the everything being squished down to my toes and of course the crazy heart beat. that night i vowed to myself as well as my brother (who provided the evil hoots :wtf: ) that i wasn't smoking oil anymore. and to this day i haven't, it just worries me too much.

    any help is appreciated, lol :thumbsup:
  18. weedidas

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    THC is what increases heart rate, likely because it lowers blood pressure so your heart compensates by beating faster. Smoking has little to do with it. Vaping can actually increase it more because you get more THC and less CBD. CBD can help keep your heartrate low because it counters some of THC stimulating effects. That's why indicas are recommended.

    Also, weed lowers blood sugar, and low blood sugar levels can increase heart rate. So eat a meal before you smoke and drink orange juice if you think your blood sugar is low.

    I once vaped and my heart rate went up to almost 200. I was also really scared and my blood sugar was definitely low because my skin was pale, was trembling but not cold, and was disorientated (search low blood sugar effects). 120 is no big deal and very normal for weed.

    Smoke less, don't smoke sativa dominant strains, eat and drink to keep your blood sugar up, relax.
  19. buttereater

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    I see some good information above and I see what I think is very bad information. One poster suggest that increased heart rate is is your lungs working harder and that you can to the ER and die. That's complete garbage. I'm not saying it's not possible but I'm pretty sure it's not. Unless it's synthetic or tainted (see disclaimer below). The increased lung function, if you are smoking, is relatively minimal. The heart rate from the increased lung function should only increase not by all that much and not really above 100 bpm I would think for just the first 2-5 minutes max and that's if you're taking a big hit.

    But there is something to the increased heart rate. I medicate by eating cannabutter and not by vaporizing or combusting. I used to smoke and then I vaporized but acid reflux irritates my esophagus to the point that even just a little vape really irritates my throat. It sucks getting old. I eat cannabutter that I make and its strong and sometimes I get what seems to be an increased heart rate. Often or maybe always, it seems pyschosomatic, as the feeling feeds on itself and the anxiety is like on a self-feeding treadmill and a redirection of thought or conscious attempt to slow the breathing will help me. Some simple breathing techniques you could google "panic attack" and get the techniques that can pretty easily get your heart rate down by just focusing on deep breathing.

    I am really mostly just relaying my own experience though so I appreciate other observations and especially links to scientific data, I just want to add that.

    Other things I recommend have been said here which is just staying in good physical and aerobic shape in general and having a lower resting heart rate. I medicate and play sports often and have no problem with that. I don't know the exact science and I see some claims here that different strains can increase your heartbeat but that does not make scientific sense to me. Just having it said in different places by different people does not make it true. I would like to see some kind of scientific connection between what exactly the difference is chemically between the sativa and indica strains are that could affect your heart rate because it just does not make logical sense to me. But I am open minded and would love to see some kind of scientific data or logical reason on why one strain would increase the heart rate and not the other, beyond just people saying it's so because it's so.

    As a disclaimer, I was on the propaganda website from the National Institute for Drug Policy which did say something about how marijuana can increase your heart rate 20 - 100 % and raise your chance of heart attack by 4 times but I don't believe that at all. I don't know where that information comes from and also they don't cite any examples of an actual heart attack or death because of it so if it increases your chances, how come it never happens is the question that I have for those people so that BS does not make sense.

    Maybe somebody has some more information or links to studies on this?
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  20. mikesrozer

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    I think increased heart rate, when you smoke are normal. You need not worry at all. Very good reply weedidas, i appreciate your efforts.

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