Increased heart rate when smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by SnoopDoggyDog, May 14, 2008.

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    marijuana is going to raise your heart rate dramatically without much change in blood pressure and cause the paranoia that you're experiencing about being afraid you're going to have a heart attack. You're not going to have a heart attack if your results came back fine. In my personal experience, the faster the heart beats, the better the stuff you got. Learn to embrace the increased heart rate as a good thing and let it contribute to a better high. If you feel yourself getting a little freaked out, try and do some quick meditation techniques and try to relax. You'll be fine. If you find the anxiety too much and can't get a hold of any benzodiazepines (i.e. Xanax, Valium, etc.), cut down on how much you smoke. Not a lot though. Just experiment until you're comfortable
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    I have kidney failure and use MJ everyday. I also check my BP 3 times a day. Interestly, I have found that in the mornng smoking a joint lowers my BP from 150's to 110's. It doesn't seem to affect my BP in the afternoons, but does again at night.
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    Meditation is a great strategy. Take deep breaths in and out.
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    Similar incident occurred to me recently after smoking some Voodoo, a sativa strain.

    There I was, expecting an uplifting, focused high.
    Instead I found myself unable to focus on anything apart from my increased heart rate - which became quickly apparent to me.

    Tried deep breathing exercises, but couldn't maintain a regular respiratory process - occasionally it would feel like my chest was closing up and I would have to exert myself for the next breath.

    Tried lying down, but the twitches that had accompanied the elevated heart rate was a persistent shock-back into the hyper-active state - naturally frustrating my efforts.

    So, I decided to do push ups.
    After some time of this, and other minor exercises, I steadily came right again - to a point where I could enjoy what was left of my high.
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    No way! Please be careful. Yesterday, I tried a new strain of marijuana. I had tried smoking only once previously. But yesterday, I took deep long smokes as the previous strain i had smoked a year ago was very manageable. I took a puff, held it for 5 seconds. Then without releasing the previous one, took another one and held it for 10 seconds and took another one without exhaling the other two puffs. So I took 3 puffs and held it for 25 seconds total. This process was done around 4-5 times.

    After 15 mins, my heart rate shot up to 180 bpm when I checked on my friend's phone. I felt exhausted and started drinking appy juice on and on and one ice cream. I waited for 25 more minutes hoping for my heart to slow down. But it didn't. I felt my ENTIRE body was totally numb. Started having shock waves in my brain. Thought I was going to die as I had no energy left in my body to continue this pace.

    I rushed to ER. There I had a bpm of 190. My saturation had gone down to 80 ( It should always be 100). They put me an oxygen mask. I felt muscle tears all along each muscle of my body as though someone is butchering me with a knife. I felt shockwaves hitting my brain and also could literally hear it hitting my brain over and over again.If someone even touched my legs, I felt like the blood gushed into my brain making my brain to explode or have a hemorrhage of high internal pressure. There were very sharp pains all around my body. I could sense where every drop of dextrose was moving around my body. To explain how I felt in detail takes a much longer paragraph. They waited for half an hour to see the trend. But it was nearly 178 for almost another hour. But I had no energy left for my heart to beat even a single time in an hour.
    After having a heart rate of nearly 160-170 bpm for one and a half hour and having felt what death was, they finally injected me diazepam which slowed down my heart rate to 130 bpm within 15 mins. That's when I relaxed. Stayed in hospital for one more hour.
    Then I came home and had liquids. This heart rate of 120 continued for 4 hours in the home. Then even though my heart rate lowered to normal, I felt like I had a very high Blood pressure. I was not able to sleep all night until the BP came down today at 6 am in the morning.

    This is no joke. The doctors told me that I was lucky enough to have been brought to the hospital at the right time, for it had been even a delay of 30 more minutes, I would have been dead.
    Even if I would have died, no one in the western world like America would have known that I died of marijuana overdose as no one here makes these things a big issue. They all go unreported. People would have still considered cannabis to be safe without knowing the risks.
    It's not an issue that my heart was beating at 190 bpm, its the issue that it would have lasted for hours by which time I would have died of fainting as it needs an enormous amount of energy which no normal human in this world will have and will have to die if not given tranquilizers immediately. The issue was that at such high bpms our body doesn't absorb oxygen and a drop in oxygen level combined with a continued high heart rate means cardiac arrest leading to death.

    I am both the dead and living example of Marijuana overdose consequences. So be freakin careful with the amount of use. I can for sure tell you, CANNABIS CAN KILL YOU UNDOUBTEDLY.

    I am not sure what type of a media I should use to make people understand how dangerous Marijuana could get if it's underestimated. Coz all around the web, everyone tells marijuana is safe and it can't kill. Reading these infos online was what motivated me to take it and made me end up on a deathbed. I now feel the need to reach out to people to make them understand by telling them what I have been through.

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