Indiana Marijuana Law Reform

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by lonelystoner92, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I was curious to know if anyone had the slightest idea of when the laws of marijuana in Indiana will turn the tide? Right now the laws in Indiana are harsh as hell, one year in jail for a possession of less than 30 grams. I am a strong advocate for marijuana reform in Indiana and currently a college student, my dream is to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the Indianapolis area to help patients who prefer a professional and safe enviroment to purchase high quality medical marijuana as a means of treatment or therapy. I have already started up a detailed business plan for when medical marijuana is legal in the Naptown. I was wondering if anyone had any idea when marijuana will be legal in Indiana? and If anyone is interested in teaming up and discuss opening a dispensary in Indiana when laws here change, feel free to post on this thread.
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    don't hold your breath...:smokin:

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    Bump!! Whats up Hoosiers!!! Who wants to legalize WEED!
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    hello. i would be happy to come work in your dispensary. i have no funds to help you get past the licensing bribe, when enacted. laws which are on the books not wanted by the changing populace are usually easily overturned. Indiana may be one of those states where the regulators turn the screws so hard on corn farmers, that they need to supplement their income with an illegal, untraceable, unseen cash crop growing in their corn fields; so they can meet regulations and remain solvent. plenty of good American Republican opposition there. it's the criminals that are for prohibition. get the prohibitionists to see one step in breaking the federal stranglehold on their livelihood would be to allow them to grow in plain sight, and sell to a dispensary, or rope factory, or biofuel plant...:smokin:
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    Start an activist group or join one and 'help' the activists, get it legalized.:jointsmile: pr

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