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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by essnine, Aug 12, 2007.

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    I was wondering if it was true that most sativa strains grews taller than indica strains. All of the seeds that I recently planted (looking beautiful atm) are all indica dominant. Is it still dependant on the specific strain? I would prefer to keep the plants as low to the ground as possible and plan to train them from a young age.
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    sativas generally do grow taller than indicas but both can get decent sized if they have a long growing season if planted in the spring they usually have months to veg before flowering in the fall so you should probably tie them down and train them if you want them to stay low to the ground seing how most strains are a cross between an indica and sativa even a mostly indica strain can be well over 6 ft if no training is done at all.
    if you just recently started seeds they will not have as much veg time to grow as if you started in the spring so they probably wont get much taller as many have started to flower already.
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    the best thing you could do is you need to pinch off the top leaves at the internodes, what that does is it makes it grow very bush and also you get more crowns, which is always nice small and bush is better then tall and fragile in my book
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    U could do an outdoor scrog grow. google it.

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