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Discussion in 'Indica' started by dalisight, Aug 12, 2010.

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    i was wondering what strains produce more CBD then THC? i have read that indica's give more of a body high that helps with insomnia. so are all indica strains more high in canibidiol?
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    check out vanilla kush...from true fire seeds...look them up on facebook..

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    i think most 100% indicas have the couchlock stone as its called but there are some sativa indica crosses that do the same, i would say that the best way to find the strain for you is to visit a country were its legal (amsterdam springs to mind ( and try different strains yourself .remember everyone is different what works for your girlfriend may not work for you . me and my bird find this happens a lot were shes blitzed out of her brains an am sittin there stringing(means not stoned) with red eyes but no fealing of being stoned
    the way it is dryied and cured can make a big difference aswell
    in my personal opinion blueberry is one of the most stoney weeds ive smoked but thats just me other people say it gives them a nice day time buzz
    good luck finding the one for you
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    good luck finding CBD rich cannabis

    The Sativa users will tell you Indica is rich in CBD, they have no proof to back that up. The few labs that test for THC & CBD levels show THC is always much higher. OG Kush has a 2.0% CBD according to one report I saw and that was the richest.

    Harborside in Oakland recently ( spring 2010 ) starting selling product and maybe cuttings for a 5% CBD , 10% THC variety. They claimed to have a 10%product but don't mention it specifically on their website. They won't discuss it over the phone, they won't respond to email and I don't plan to fly to Oakland to find out. It seems they found this by accident when someone brought in bud to sell. For short time bud was available in SoCal but not for several months. NoCal gets it all.

    Some uneducated people say just use hemp or ditch-weed. Nobody has really studied that in depth for CBD, but the % seems to be 1% in a test I did find. THC was about 1% as well. THC is all most people care about

    The commercial UK Savitex product has a 50/50 mix of THC & CBD. It seems a combination of the two is needed for true medical use besides being a painkiller.

    Let me know if you find some.
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    Very True and I know the strain your talking about
    I'm breeding a Very High CBD strain now in search of my Anxiety relief. I have super bad Panic Attacks , if u ever had 1 ull know what I'm talking about, Higher CBD with Low THC I believe will greatly help this, as CBD regulated the effect of THC in the Bloodstream. I have done a lot of research and had to track down some strains that are near impossible to get, but Oakland isnt the only ones who think they are smart. I'm a 22 year old College student who's about to show Norcal they dont know who they Growin with...
    Not to sound cocky but I beleive By this time next year I'll be able to steadly supply people that have Chronic Anxiety a med that wont induce any Panic feeling.
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    I can't wait, I also suffer from chronic anxiety, What strains do you use now to help control it?
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    policematrix is not a good monicker.!whats wrong with you?what were you thinkin?---------narc,perv.
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    Outdoor has much higher CBD because it gets direct sunlight.
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    and this is based on what.. you could see outdoor is much higher in THC BECAUSE it gets that direct sunlight..
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    Theres a new strain i saw while watching some cannabis cup videos which they have made equal in cbd to thc with lab results to prove it. Ill have a look and try find the seed bank and strain that developed it.
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