Indica or sativa, how can I tell???

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by tha_green_ghost, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. tha_green_ghost

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    I'm sure this question has bee asked already, but I'ma just go for it. How can I tell if my anonymous strain is indica or sativa. Would I have to smoke it and analyze the high/effects or can i tell by how it's growing?
  2. the image reaper

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    easiest way to tell, the indicas have WIDE leaves, the sativas have long narrow leaves ... hybrids, of course, can fall anywhere in between ... study photos of known strains, and you will quickly catch on ... :smokin:
  3. tha_green_ghost

    tha_green_ghost Registered+

    thanks....I think I have a sativa....will do my homework though and study some photos
  4. the image reaper

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  5. tha_green_ghost

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    Actually, now I think it is an indica with not so fat leaves. The link helped alot, plus I did a google search.
    Just outta curiosity, is most schwagg likely to be indica? Cuz this particular plant was grown from good schwagg but is all female. I think I would prefer sativa but oh well.

    Thanks image reaper
  6. cornish_dope

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    i live in the uk so i dunno if im right about ur slang i'm guessing shwag is shit weed pressed flat in blocks with seeds(we call it thai). correct me if me im wrong anyway the difference is it that indica is more of a full body tiresome i need to sit down and do nothing high, sativa is more of a thoughts racing heart racing kinda high.

    whether its indica or sativa that doesnt determine the quality of the weed its a few factors if its grown well, dried well and the parent plants i prefer sativa but its harder to grow in doors thats why i go for an indica sativa high-bred.

    hope that helped
  7. 8182KSKUSH

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    You likely have a sativa, if it is the commercial mexican type of schwag.
  8. tha_green_ghost

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    Really? Wow that's surprising. Yeah it is from Mexico originally. I was confused because the leaves were kinda wide. But the buds do look a little more like a sativa.

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