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    Hey mon, I have been smokin refeer for about 15 years but I have never got round to growing or genetically engineering any plants. Whats that? Abuse and UNnatural. But then again I smoke it so I cannot commplain. But God Damn what is the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica and what happens when you cross-pollinate one with the other.
    I heard that some of these fancy smancy EURO-GENES seeds are like 80% 20% and 70% 30% and likewise.
    I mean the mexi-swag we used to smoke in highschool was what I believed to be Sativa and the milder of the two
    The kind-buds with all the funny names is indica right or are there further subdivisions.
    I mean Sativa has 5 leaves and
    Indica has 7 leaves, but once they are clipped how can you tell?
    Maybe a connoisuer out there can help us?:confused: :p :dance: :stoned:
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    well the easy way to explain it is..

    SATIVA> has a verry thin leaf.

    INDICA> has a verry fat leaf.

    sativa is more of a head high and indi is more of a body stone..
  3. Reefer Rogue

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    The difference is they're two sperate species. One's better then the other (sativa :D )
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    Yeah Indicias more pungent/skunky smelling, sativas fruity/sweet.
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    sativa and indica dont have different amounts of leaves, its all about the plants age, say the plant is a seedling it will only have one leaf, say its a young plant it will have 3, then 5, then 7, sometimes you get more than 7 but thats due to deformaties and mutations.
    there are a few ways to tell the difference between indica and sativa, sativa is thin, with sharp serrated points along the edge of the leaf, whereas indica has round, stubby leaves with less pointy edges, also another rough indication is that sativa plants are a brighter green than the dark indica.
    to find a 'completely pure' sativa plant or indica plant has become increasingly difficult over the years, although some seed sellers still produce the pure plant people often cross-pollinate them, (creating a new plant) this can increase yeild and decrease growing time therefore making a better, easier to grow plant.
    this is all from memory so its not 100% but i hope it helps :)
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    bollox I spelled seperate wrong and didn't catch it =/
    Damn sobriety.
  7. LIP

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    The amount of fingers on each leaf is differnt for each plant, you cant tell what a strain is [Indica/sativa ratio] by amount of fingers.

    I've grown NL with 9 leaves and thats a pure indica, and sativas can go up to 11 fingers.
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    So I wanna be high but still be moving about. Suggestions

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