indica vs. sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by billybong1, Mar 23, 2007.

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    i was wondering what the pros and cons of each were. Reason being is that i know someone who has some very nice exotic indica. no special name. but regardless very good looking.
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    uhh... anyway...

    The guy doesnt have anything too special.
    Indica is the type that makes you dry-orgasm for a few hours,
    sativa is the type that turns you into a banana.
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    Sativa strains give more of a head-high (cerebral). It's more clear-headed, sometimes, and you feel more energetic than you would with an Indica. I noticed that paranoia is a lot more abundant with sativa strains, since it's a total mind-fuck. Sometimes it can be a bit psychedelic, depending on the potency of the bud.

    Indica strains give you the stoned, numbed-out, fuzzy-headed kind of feeling. Indicas are good for killing pain, too ;). Neither is better than another, because it's all personal preference. There are some die-hard sativa lovers, and then there are die-hard indica lovers. Then there are people who don't care, and love hybrids.

    Personally, it all depends on my mood. Sometimes I'd rather have an indica dominant strain after a long day at work, and sometimes a sativa dominant strain. But mostly I smoke hybrids, as there are very few pure indicas or pure sativas.

    Either way, I love weed no matter what species it is. Just don't smoke ruderalis, it can give you a headache :wtf:.
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    Both inferius and mfqr said the same thing. But is not very easy to translate from one to another. I will try:

    Yes... the indica's couchlock sometimes can be almost orgasmic... :stoned:

    Well... the psychedelic effects of sativa ones may make you feel like you were a banana... i never felt myself as a banana, but i know very well what it mean... :jointsmile:
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    If you were reading this after smoking an indica, you'd be melting into the chair.
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    Most of the time, I prefer a good sativa.

    i like to just sit, listen to music, read stuff, and think while I'm high (if I'm alone)

    sativas are mildly psychedelic, and are very conducive to said activity.

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