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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by sunbiz1, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. sunbiz1

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    Hey all,

    Question: I have about 5 years experience in 2 different states(FL and IL)growing outdoors(I start indoors and transplant). I'm currently working on a second generation project(1 very hardy indica and 2 sativa strains).

    I LOVE last years' indica harvest as opposed to the longer time and effort it took to mature and harvest sativa. The indica matured and was ready to harvest in 6 months as opposed to 9 months with sativa. Indica is more tolerant to any shock/adverse growing conditions IMHO.

    So, based on my limited experience my question would be...why bother with even growing sativas?. Is it my varieties or are sativas simply more high maintenance?.
  2. rudy2010

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    Sativa just takes longer to mature. You seem to have a really long maturing Sativa though. The reason folks still grow sativa - blue dream, pineapple, white widow, pineapple express, sour diesel, lambs bread and other varieties of sativa are absolutely killer. Pineapple and Mazar-i-sharif are varieties that may not mature until november, december or january outdoors. No matter how good your weed is you get used to it if you smoke the same thing all year. Variety is the spice of life.
  3. bickeybammer

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    if you dont like the smoke of your sativa its probably time to find a different strain
  4. redfox30

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    The sativa is thrives better outdoors, whereas indica can be grown just as well indoors as outdoors. Sativas usually grow taller, and more spread out, while the indicas grow shorter, and fatter (in size, not necissarily bud). The difference in growing indica or sativa is the type of high you feel from each!
  5. sunbiz1

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    I took your advice, I'm doing the Indica plus 2 different Sativa strains. Pics from last years are available below!:Rasta:
  6. rudy2010

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    Nice Pics! I think you will indeed be happy with a variety. I just got 6 new varieties by trading babies. I got pineapple and pure kush. A really late variety and and a killer early variety. Looking forward to trying both!
  7. sunbiz1

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    So far so good, I pruned the first one a few weeks ago...and got a TON of new growth.:thumbsup:
  8. GaGrown

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    Sativa is sought after because of the time it takes and the smaller yeilds versus indicas and Aff's... Which happen to be my favorites! Afgahn being my favorite! Like a skunk kinda smoke,with the fruit and hash taste all at once.MMMMMM! My eyes turned red! Or were they already like that? I forget!

  9. McLuvin

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    If you like a good sativa you may want to try some Blowfish if you can get it.

    All the above post pretty much cover the sativa line but no one mentioned that there are sativa/indica hybrids that offer the shorter plant and grow cycle. But still give you a quality med, depending on the strain.

    Hope this is helpful
  10. sunbiz1

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    I'm pretty sure the first pic I posted here(see above link to last September harvest)is a hybrid. I'm on my second generation of that plant from a hermie I pulled last year. It's growing at over twice the rate of my sativas.:D
  11. rudy2010

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    I am leary of hermis. Any hermis I see are destroyed immediately. I use almost only clones. I will use seeds if they are known to have come from totally killer weed.

    Rusty trichome outlined a way to create feminized seeds by putting a strain on a female which he says results in fem seeds with no male genes.

    Hermi seeds will result in females that turn hermi every time. If not caught in time the crop gets fertilized then stops producing resin and starts to die.

    I may buy some seeds from Organicann since that seems the only way to get sensi star, chocolate chunk or chem dawg. But clones seem a lot easier and quicker.

    I clone my plants to make them bush out and it totally works. My sour diesel and bubba kush are making piles of clones. I am cramming clones everywhere. I need to start moving things out of my little box today and use a flood light to keep them from flowering. But it is a nice problem to have.
  12. sunbiz1

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    I'll certainly take a peek at Rusty's thread, he's a guru here in my book. Your posting leads me into a question. The hermie plant was located about 20' away from an all female sativa plant last year throughout flowering all the way until first freeze/harvest. The hermie was much more potent than the female sativa. And here's the kicker, the female sativa had zero seeds and no male characteristics. It was OK, but the hermie produced more resin and had that skunk piss smell/taste(in a good way)that I like.

    I don't mind a few seeds, most commercial growers do it intentionally for weight. But from what it sounds like, I need to keep these plants separated from each other?. If so, that's an easy problem to solve b/c I use 7 gallon buckets anyways.
  13. rudy2010

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    Sounds like the hermie is a much better strain than the sativa. I am surprised the sativa did not get seeds. Maybe the male pollen died before the sativa was ready to be pollinated. Anyway when you find the thread with the info from Rusty see if he knows of a way to re feminize the hermie in some way to get back just the female genes.

    I used some relative random seeds in my yard last year. None really turned hermie but the quality difference was ridiculous. One of the earliest ones was killer. One of the late ones was too but another late one and one of the others was pretty weak. That is the trouble with seeds besides having to find the males and eliminate them on time.
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    Cannabis Forums Message Boards - Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club, Dispensary, News - Search Results

    Any idea where Rusty's thread is located?...nothing came up under feminizing seed search terms.
  15. rudy2010

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    Sorry for the slow response. I did a quick search and could not find that info under Rustys threads. He may have been replying to somone elses question. He would somehow stress the plant at the end and it would produce the feminized seeds.

    I am terrible at finding anything I search for on the net but I still try and occasionally succeed. Good luck.

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