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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by UkGrowerAnon, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. UkGrowerAnon

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    Hey everyone, UK here - Just posting up a pic of my new grow setup so anyone can comment on the plans before they're committed to hard wood and mylar :pimp:

    This grow is a semi closet grow (A big closet, and the grow will extend into the top cabinets as well. I'll be using a 4 stage setup (3 stage clone).

    1) 2 weeks from seed till they're ready to go under the MH.
    2) 4 weeks under the MH to bush out in the veg chamber.
    2a) Topping/Taking clones at this point that will be rooted then placed into the veg chamber. (Straight to 2)
    3) 4 weeks in the 20cm pots in the flowering chamber.
    4) Final 4 weeks in 28cm pots in the flowering chamber.

    It will be a production line-esque grow, producing 4 mature plants every 4 weeks. Sirius has a yield of between 325g and 1000g per metre squared, so we're aiming for 300g dry for four fully grown 1.8m tall plants every 4 weeks. We may get more, but it's best to underestimate.

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  2. Opie Yutts

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    Looks pretty good. Where's your mother and clone area though? Somewhere else I guess.

    I think I would have more room for the veg area. Mine always seem to outgrow their space before they are ready to go into the flower room, and it looks like I have more (proportionally) than you do. You need a little more room for flower of course, but not 6 or 8 times more like your set-up seems to show. I would say maybe 50% more. I hope this doesn't dissapoint you since you spent all that time on those plans, just my opinion.
  3. Opie Yutts

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    I don't understand the need to change pots during flower. Why add the stress? Instead I would just put them in the bigger ones initially. Or am I not getting something.

    And I see a major flaw: looks like you plan to grow in dirt. Just kidding. You know my vote is for hydro. It's worth the extra effort by far.
  4. UkGrowerAnon

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    I agree that hydro is a more efficient and probably more technologically advanced way to grow, but there's nothing like good old fruits of the earth :p

    Plus it's much easier to keep stuff around for a soil grow, keeping things around for an advanced hydroponics grow gets a little more suspicious.

    I thought as a rule when dealing with Veg/Flower, you wanted to have the flowering room at least 3x taller than the Veg area? In previous grows I've seen a large increase in plant size after going into flowering, plus as it's spending much time there you'd expect alot more growth.

    As for the pot size idea, that's probably good, but having 8x28cm pots on the floor would make it very difficult to fit the CO2 gen and canister in the main chamber (I've done the maths).

    And yes, cloning will be located differently - The clones we'll be using will be taken off vegging plants just as they go into flowering - Because we're using a high tech aeroponic cloner, we should get at least a 60-80% success rate on those clones, so we'll only be taking two off each plant which'll be strategically located to top growing tips too. This means we have a self sustained grow without any worries about buying seeds or supplying mothers.
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    I'm assuming your using the RVK. One thing about them is their intake is much weaker in correlation to their exhaust. It wouldn't be efficient to have the extraction fan so far away. What I would do is put the filter/fan inside the grow room connected to ducting which would take it outside. If you have the fan/filter that far from the garden you will get smell leakage, the intake just isn't strong enough. If you notice, alot of people who use filters have them inside the grow room, suspended at the top of the room.
  6. Opie Yutts

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    we're using a high tech aeroponic cloner, we should get at least a 60-80% success rate on those clones,
    If this is your success rate, you had better junk your cloner and build a cheapo aerocloner for about 25 dollars. Mine has roughly a 100% success rate, and the root structure is massive.

    If you notice, alot of people who use filters have them inside the grow room, suspended at the top of the room
    I assume you are talking about an odor filter. If so, why bother having one if it's not in your grow room? That's where they go. That's where the smell is.

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