Indoor strain with the biggest yield.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 9KtuFK, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. 9KtuFK

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    What indoor strain as the biggest yield using the sea of green technique (45 plants under a 1000W HPS?

    (Top 3 if possible)

  2. BukDatAss

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    Could be Big Bud but not to sure, better get more input
  3. litespeed

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    T44 is one of our top commercial strains. Top 44 is our fastest flowering variety which under ideal conditions can be ready in ~6 weeks. This strain stays low and does not branch to much making it ideal for confined gardens or sea of green farming. Top 44 is a strong easy to grow plant and a great selection for the first timer. Top 44 has also proven to be a great balcony producer. The smoke is deep and skunky with a long lasting buzz.

    º Packet contain 10 seeds

    º Plant height: Short Plant
    º Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA
    º THC level: Medium THC
    º Flowering Weeks: 7/8
    º Yield : 500
    º Harvest Month: 8/9
  4. 9KtuFK

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    Never heard of Top 44!

    Anyone else?
  5. Da1KrayzieThug

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    Top 44 is a plant that flowers in 44 days. I had 2 seeds that I got from ricomendez, but I can't seem to find where I placed them.
    Maybe Mdanzig's Masterlows would do the trick for you. Or I'd suggest trying to cross a lowryder with an AK plant (everyone on highbred including Mdanzig says that there are a high number of autoflowering plants from an F1 cross).
    I myself haven't had too much experience with commercially grown strains so I can't be of too much help. Goodluck <3
  6. ponics101

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    ak47 has brought me killer yields. also critical mass
  7. Brewsterman

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    when you say killer yields, how many ounces are we talkin??
  8. grey1223

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    You're talking about a Nirvana strain. I've grown it and it's ok. His ICE strain was a bigger yielder for me. Chronic from Serious Seeds or Sensi seeds, I can't remember is a very big yielder. Also Chocolate Chunk from T.H. Seeds.

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