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    I am planning my first grow. I am a total newbie. Have been doing a lot of reading in an attempt to gain some knowledge. My concern is how to properly move a plant from indoors, where I will germinate and grow, before hardening and letting plant grow outside. I have seen suggestions of 18/6 cycle and then cutting the light to the plant by an hour a week so the impact of the decrease in hours of daylight does not spur flowering stage. My thought is to grow the plant indoors on a light cycle that will be close to hours of daylight when I move plant outside in April. Did research on hours of daylight in Northeast US and between 14 and 15 hours of daylight toward end of April (thinking of using a 15/9 cycle). It seems like this would be less risk of causing the plant to begin flowering. I welcome your thoughts and input.
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    If you live in the northeast and plan on putting your indoor plants outdoors in April, you will run the risk of them suffering unnecessarily from the elements. Your spring weather can be unpredictable.

    I suggest you grow fully indoors. This time of year sorta demands it considering your location.
    If you lived in the southwest you'd probably be okay.
    18/6 until vegging is complete (cannabis loves and thrives on as much light as possible during the vegetative state) then switch immediately to 12/12 to induce flowering. Remember, 12 uninterrupted hours of total darkness. The grow cycle will be completed sooner. You won't have to wait an extra few weeks, even if the outdoor conditions were good.

    You control the light, darkness and temperature they receive growing indoors.
    The weather won't get to them and you'll reap the benefits.
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    I am at 45ยบ lat and can start indoors around April first, 18/6 in 3 gallon bags, sex them and put them out in the ground at 8 weeks (around Memorial Day). That is a good head start and produces well. Although they have preflowered, most strains will not go into full bloom until mid August. I"ll harden them off by leaving them in the bags in a protected spot outdoors for a couple of days before planting.

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