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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Tbonesaint, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Tbonesaint

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    Hi guys, greetings from Argentina!. I need help with a problem i´m having
    I started growing some plants on indoor at 18/6 as usual. My plan was to grow them untill they have certain height, then keep some inside to induce flowering and others would go out so they could keep growing untill february (this is the month when flowering starts at my region)
    The problem is that the ones that are outside started flowering as well, due to change of light (outside now we have 15/9, and it keeps that way untill the last days of december, then the light starts to decrese)
    Do you think that the plants will be able to finish the flowering process with this photoperiod? Because they are use to be at 18/6. I dont know if in a month the plant will realize that is not 12 hours of darkness and starts the veg period again. I want to avoid this because of the stress that the plant may suffer
    in an attempt to solve this, i started to leave the indoor´s door open and putting the outside plants right next to it, when the night starts so that they can have some extra hours of light and simulate the 18/6 photoperiod ( i know they are not under the light and its not the best option but in this way i can avoid the darkness outside)
    I was thinking i could keep doing this untill january, when the light will start to decrese ( probably one hour at least, 14/10) and then leave them outside without putting them next to the indoor, so they can flower with some more darkness.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    Should i keep doing this and wait till january? I could boost the flowering by leaving them more time next to the indoor, like 20/4, so when the change comes, the plant will feel stronger the photoperiod change
    Or just leave them outside to see if they can finish the flowering?
    Thank you for the answers and sorry for the long post.
  2. EvilCartman

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    If the plants went straight to flower, then the damage is done. I'd leave them in place and let them do what they are going to do.
    You are not minimizing the stress by moving them around, giving them erratic light exposure. They will likely do as you suspect, revert to veg, and back to flower when appropriate.
    Bouncing them around daily is likely the most stressful thing they're experiencing. If you are plopping them down next to the indoor, that's a great way to bring in some bugs, too.
    Happens to folks every year, it'll result in some funky plant structure, but will be fine.
  3. Tbonesaint

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    i know its not the best thing to do. But if i leave them outside, they could advance some weeks on flowering. Being like a month in flowering and then change to veg again it will cost the plant some time to recover dont you think? dont know if that is more stressful
  4. gardenermendo

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    I grew some large plants, I put them outdoors about a month too soon, and they started to convert to flowering, early white flower hairs began to show. Then, summer came, with long daylight hours, and they stopped blooming, kind of sat there for a while, then went back into vegging. Yes, it was not ideal for them. However, when fall came around, they again went back into bloom. These plants got 8 foot tall by then. I got nearly a average crop, but I knew the plants could have done better if they hadn't gone through the confusing period.

    I don't recommend that you do this, but I didn't have any other option at the time. For the next season, I made sure I held the plants indoors for a full month longer, so that when I put them outdoors at the right time, they wouldn't try to flower.

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