Indoor veg before outdoor veg

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    Last year I grew 18 plants in a greenhouse here in Colorado in which I started my indoor veg on March 15th under 24 hours of light. I got the plants as 1 week old clones off of craigslist and dealt with major bug problems from the get-go. I fought off bugs and pests that included but were not limited to thrips, budworms, grasshoppers, leaf miners, white flies, spider mites, aphids, and powdery mildew. Despite all the problems that I ran into I still pulled down 52 pounds, just shy of 3 pounds per plant. I grew in my own mix of super soil, very similar subcool's recipe. All of the plants were scrogged. This year I want to do better. I paid a geneticist for his best strains. My geneticist provided me with well documented lineage of each plant and a plethora of successful grow images along with plant averages. Overall, his credibility surpassed my expectations. Anyways, the clones I received were about 3 weeks old and much more developed than the ones I got the year before. On the calendar this puts the veg starting around January 21, 2017. This is an additional 8 weeks of veg compared to 2016. Every singe one of my plants in the previous year was 8 feet tall minimum and countless tops (At least 30 tops per plant). What should I do differently to average at least 5 pounds per plant on these 18 plants? Also, the nugs from last years harvest were really great overall when it came to the smell, taste, and density of the weed but the color was just off in my opinion. They were really dark and not a lot of sugary crystals. Could the dark color be related to my super soil being too potent or not strong enough? I let the soil break down for about 6 weeks and I churned it weekly. I personally think it was because I carried too much nitrogen into flower and that messed with the plants ability to uptake the phosphorus and potassium throughout the entire stage of bud development. Please give me your thoughts and opinions.

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