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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by iarbaman, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. iarbaman

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    Ill be vegging a haze variety for a month or so indoors, than ill put the plant to flower outside. Will the light cycle get messed up doing that, since the plants will go from 18/6 to probably 13/11 for a couple of months and after that summer time will hit hard with 14/10!!!!
    Is that a problem???
    Thanks for the help!
  2. stinkyattic

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    Don't put it out until after the vernal equinox to avoid photoperiod stress.
    Where do you live? Do you get frost?
    Hazes are not typically something you'd want to grow outdoors unless you don't get cold weather until at least November- they flower for a very long time.
  3. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Spring is coming...

    where i live now! Probably another 4~5 weeks and ill be moving the plant outside. By then, the temps will be around 10~14 celsius at night and 18~23 by day. So there is no frost problem:thumbsup:
    The strain im growing is Arjan's Haze #3 from GreenHouse seeds. The flowering time is 10~12 weeks indoors, wil it take more than that if the plant is outside???
    Since im vegging it indoors in a 18/6 light cycle, the moment ill move it outdoors, will it imediatelly start flowering with the new 13/11 light cycle???
    Thanks anyway!!!
  4. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I'm talking about the frost at the end of your growing season. I have no clue where you live.

    Outdoors in the northern hemisphere, a plant will start flowering in early August or late July depending on what sort of light it gets during the day. The only exception is ruderalis crosses, and Haze is NOT one of those!
    12 weeks from August 1st, assuming the plant is sexually mature by then, is October 24th.

    Do you get frost by October 24th?
  5. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ...what a coincidence....that's the same time the flyover choppers start flying around here....:apachecopter:
  6. iarbaman

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    No frost at all!!!

    By end of october the temps should be above 10 celsius during night!
  7. iarbaman

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    Some pics!!!

    These are my new babies after 4 weeks since they have sprouted! Looking pretty healthy at these point. The Haze variety that is growing in a 3 gallon pot, has a 10 inches height right now, if i start flowering her indoors at these point, would it reach over 3 1/2 feet by harvest time????
    But if i just put her outside and let mother nature do her thing, would it be ok, since spring has just come???
    Really dont know what to do!!!! Advise needed!!!
    Take care you all!

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  8. psychocat

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    It is possible to transfer them to an outside grow but then you will find they revert to normal growth.
    An indoor grow is controlled enabling you to trigger flowering artificialy , when you move them outside you will have to wait for the light cycle and the plant will only flower when the conditions are right.
  9. iarbaman

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    But all that i know already, what im asking is, if the light cycle right now is 18/6, when i put it outside, it will be around 12~14/12~10 for the next 4 months or so, will these change make my plant start flowering???
  10. psychocat

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    The climate in your part of the world is just starting the summer so it's highly unlikely they will be as short of light as you seem to think.
  11. iarbaman

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    Guess it was too early!!!

    Anyway, i can wait until mid october to try these lady!!! But, i need to top her, due to height issues. Is it ok to just cut like a foot or so from the plant??? Will these make it grow bushier??? Can i use the top to make some clones???
    Sorry guys, long time since i have posted, and i just come with a shit load of questions!!! Apolagize for that!!!
    These afternoon ill be posting some pics from the girl outside and also from my indoor grow:thumbsup:
  12. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+


    Some pics from my babes!
    By the way, the one outside started showing some white pistils! Flowering already???
    Take it easy you all:thumbsup:

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  13. M.B.A.

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    1 of them is flowering. I see trichs and pistils
  14. justlovingit420

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    cover them up

    hey dude build a frame around your plants and uncover them at 730 am and the cover them back up at 630 if you do this ata regular schedule youll see that you will get some buds dude its called depo but ya gotta be on time everyday though or it wont work
  15. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    I guess ill just let it be!!!

    And the result is that my babe is flowering:thumbsup:
    What do you guys think??? Looking good???
    Should i trim off the lower, tiny branches???
    Take it easy you all:Rasta:

    ps.: in the first photo, she is inside because of a Typhoon!!!

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  16. stinkyattic

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    Holy shit, put that monster in a bigger pot like, YESTERDAY!!! But it looks good.
  17. inbud

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    lookin GREAT!

    i do the indoor/outdoor, and both times i have had them go into bud when i put them out. tho this year only half so far. i had mine on 15/9, and when i put them out, i had 15 of light, just not direct sun. So, some did go into flower. thanks to Stinky for the info on the equinox, something to think of next year. i was gonna try less light to start them next year, like 13/11 to start them on.

    those plants look great, and i agree with Stinky, get them into a bigger Pot! And dont forget the big bloom ferts!
  18. yungjay

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    :) man im envious that looks toooooooo good for real, i would love to have a big plant of haze like that growing any buds forming yet?
  19. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+


    little buds forming everywhere!!! Trics also start apearing!!!
    When i have some time il take some new pics, so you guys can have an idea of my progress:thumbsup:
    About a bigger pot, cant do it! I dont want risk having a bigger plant for security reasons. Since its my first try outdoors, ill just wait and see what the results will be!
    Take care you all and keep the coments coming!!!;)
  20. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Like i promissed, new pics!!!

    Criticism please:thumbsup:

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