Indoor Vs. Outdoor Buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by MPLSweedman, Aug 4, 2009.

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    besides the obvious difference in smell, what are the major differences between indoor and outdoor buds?

    minneapolis is seeing a lot of outdoors coming through, i dont like it and ounces of it run close to $400! the bud is usually hard and kind of sticky, very small, popcorn buds, nothing special

    are outdoor buds always lower quality?
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    not sure about that, every thing I've ever read says if you can grow is successfully outdoors that mother nature grows the best quality weed. I always thought that if grown under greenhouse conditions with all of the right nutrients it would make the best weed. Personally it could be the quality of the seeds. Most of the stuff around here, NC is homegrown and ok but not that good. it usually goes for about 300 an oz. Not worth it. I'm about 4 weeks away from harvesting one white widow female. It's in the preflowering stage about 4 feet high. I got tied of trying to find good stuff and decided to grow my own. It's been hard work to be honest and I've lost a few plants early in the season. I'll post the results when I've tried it.
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    Quality is not entirely dependent on indoor vs. outdoor. That said, a grower equally proficient in indoor and outdoor techniques with equal access to optimal space and equipment for both will be able to produce more delicate, "higher-grade" flowers inside.

    Cannabis grown outside with quality organic nutrients that is properly flushed is delicious and potent, but it does have to contend with the elements. You tend to have more robust plant material in your buds, which can lead to a harsher smoke.
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    Quality is dependent on the genetics and on the grower. When you have a competent grower growing high quality genetics, indoor vs. outdoor becomes fairly irrelevant - both can be equally good. A competent grower doing good genetics outdoor and growing organically can easily produce far higher quality than an incompetent grower doing crap commercial genetics with synthetic fertilizer indoors.

    My preference for production method in order of quality (in my personal opinion of course) is: light-dep, outdoor, indoor soil, greenhouse soil, with anything hydro (indoor, greenhouse or otherwise) being dead last. It is almost impossible to beat organic outdoor that has been expertly bred and expertly grown in an ideal climate.
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    I prefer Indoor bud for the taste, but I like outdoor as well. The outdoor I've had always has that kind fresh earthy taste and smell underlying the flavor/smell of the strain, which isn't necessarily bad, but the flavor of the outdoor strain is not quite as refined as it is when you grow it indoors. I had some indoor and outdoor Grand Daddy Purple a few months back, and the indoor was leaps and bounds better than the outdoor as far as taste. I also find most outdoor bud to be somewhat more potent (although it could just be in my head :stoned:), my theory is that the energy the plant gets to put into the buds from the sun cannot be matched by anything indoors. Also outdoor is usually cheaper, and $400 an oz is ridiculous, I usually see it for around $300 give or take. So really, it just depends on what you like. :jointsmile:

    I also agree that a greenhouse would be the ideal situation to produce bud, as you get the indoor environment shielded from the elements as well as the energy from the sun. Best of both worlds, but I have never knowingly tried any bud from a greenhouse. :thumbsup:

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