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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by jts619, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. jts619

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    Hey I'm kind of new. What's the difference between indoor and outdoor grown? Outdoor is way cheaper is it not as strong? what's beter or worse between the two?
  2. rudy2010

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    My two cents.

    I find that outdoor if allowed to fully mature is definitely better than anything grown indoors. Indoor weed tends to taste better because it is usually fresher. I have had really excellent indoor weed in both taste and quality but it never quite reaches the quality of a properly timed harvested and cured outdoor grow. The only explanation I can offer for the typical higher prices for indoor grown is that it is typically grown until it is fully mature even if that is just 4 or 5 weeks whereas outdoor weed is often harvested early out of paranoia over getting busted or ripped off. Outdoor weed that is harvested early definitely will not be as good as indoor weed that was fully mature when harvested.

    Outdoor weed grown properly (no fish emulsion ever) and without being overly nutriented and being fully mature will always be better than the same exact plant grown indoors.

    Let the discussions begin.
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  3. bigbuds007

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    Check THC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Indoor will always test higher if grown with C02. Outdoors there is only so much c02 in the ambient air. And the climate can not be controlled. If you were to take the same strain 1 outdoor and 1 indoor with added c02 you should have 5 to 7% more THC in the indoor plant. Temperature is also key in max production of THC. Controlling humidity: temp and c02 will always produce a more potent plant!!!!!!!!!

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  4. moody420

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    there is alot of things to take into consideration....

    do you have a space to grow indoors?
    are you prepared to buy a light, nutes, venting, fans, soil, etc....?
    lots of maintenance (monitoring ph, temps, light cycle, etc)
    smaller yields, but really good, quality buds :jointsmile:

    or do you have a spot outdoors that is not visible to the public?
    a way to get water to the plants on a regular basis?
    still lots of maintenance, watching for pests, theifs, storms, etc....
    higher yeilds, that is the only plus to me, but i know lots of people that prefer outdoor if they have the land to do it.

    Both ways are good, just different. happy growing! :jointsmile:
  5. shimquist

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    Outdoor fo sho
  6. oldhaole

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    Outside Mo' Betta

    Though I may be somewhat biased,

    Indoors has some advantages. You control the climate. You can control the lights. However the yields are small. It is easier to grow inside with a much better chance of some good smoke. Also you can schedude a harvest every month because you control the photoperiod.

    Outside has the sun. There is no light made that can duplicate it. Your plant has unlimited space to grow into. And of course the soil is an unlimited buffet for your plant. But there are no sure things. A rainy week at the wrong time can ruin your crop. A ripper can steal your stuff. Many more variables. Much better yield. And unless you live in Hawaii (or other tropical location) you only get one shot a year.

    A plant grown inside will yield a couple of oz's. It will take 8-12 weeks. The same plant outside will take 24-36 weeks and yield a pound or more. You take more chances outside, but the retun is far larger.

    As for quality, While I personally have yet to see anything grown inside that can beat what I grow outside, I'm sure others will feel differently. Not many indoor growers here.
  7. LOC NAR on probation

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    Get a Clue.

    Come on guy's outdoor indoor. The fact is that every grow is a micro grow and is dif. Two of the same plant and dif conditions. How can you compare. Apples and oranges.

    This is why we will have a prob in leaglizing. There is no set benchmark for THC content.. It effect everyone dif, what gets me high may not even buzz you or vice verse.

    When we have something, meds or leagle that has munipulated thc levels then we will have our benchmark all across the world.

    Or someone come up with a THC test kit so everyone can show the THC content of their buds and then we can see who has the best.

    Anyway mother nature can not get as hot as a 1000HPS shoved up your ass. LOL
  8. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    I agree; apples and oranges.

    Please explain in a common sense manner why that would be a problem; obtain yer plant elsewhere if you don't like what you received. Or maybe take another hit.

    Not realistic because in fact in order to determine the quality of a given grow many other parameters are just as important as THC content. Besides, your measures supposedly aimed at protecting us will simply lead to more taxation or governmental abuses.

    But dude, lol. Tell me you’re medicated, heheh.

  9. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    Right now we have some co-ops and dispenseries. That's the way it should be if leagle.

    But every other drug that is leagle is regulated and manipulating. Why should MJ be any dif. It must be to be farely taxed. I don't like it either but there has to be a benchmark for fare taxation. It's the greedy government and that's the way it will be. The plant is not the problem the gov is.

    How many taxes can they get from grow your own. LOL

    I don't want leagalization I want to end the Prohabition.

    Medicated is the only way I feel good about this Country. Heavily

    Every now and then I sound like I'm making sense. just maybe not while medicated. LOL
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  10. leadmagnet

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    Absent prohibitionist policy, why limit distribution to "co-ops" and "dispenseries"?

    Why not just grow and sell as one sees fit?
  11. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    That's the way it should be. Yes.

    But There needs to be some kind of control for meds or people get ripped off by greed. They have managed to keep the price down somewhat.

    When it all comes down to it. All I want is to grow and persue happiness.
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  12. InvisibleGarden

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    Hello from Invisible Gardener

    I am a professional organic Horticulturist. I have and can, grow anything. I started in the 6th grade growing my favorite herb ( tobacco..opps just kidding). While in the 6th grade, during summer time, I was sent to Cuba to be with my great and grand parents who ran a tobacco shop. Did you know that in cuba everyone smoked pot mixed with tobacco? I would steal cigars from my grands and separate the good stuff from the tobacco!
    Any ways, to make a long story short...I started growing cuban pot which has been grown for centuries by the old folks for tea etc,... a very strong indicia black variety ( i would love to get a hold of it now!) Any one in Cuba?

    anyways to answer your question re indoor or outdoor. I can grow both and you will not be able to tell the difference! I prefer indoors for many reasons...
    1. you can have a continuous year round harvest!
    2. you can control the environment from co2 to soil to nutrition, to pest control to human control.
    3. I use LED lights (hardly any increase in my electrical usage!)
    4. I can graft on one plant with many many different varieties!
    5. Over the years you can develop your own local variety. Once you master growing from seed.
    6. Cloning is impossible outdoors
    hope this helps
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  13. EciRonTog

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    My experience for the most part is that outdoor can be just as strong/potent as indoor but its almost always more harsh. Just the dust and random particles in the air that collect on it from being outside will give the bud a darker color and make it smoke harsher than equivalent indoor.

    Not really a big deal either way but like if I'm taking fat bong rips or smoking an entire joint to my dome my throat can feel damn scratchy afterward if it was outdoor.
  14. higuy75

    higuy75 Registered+

    inside vs outside

    A lot prefer inside due to lack of pests ex. white flies, birds, and generally the smoke is less harsh than outside.:smokin:
  15. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    As far as getting dust and random weeds - I have also heard of gravel and mice but that seems to be mostly a problem with the weed from the cartels. I have a problem with pine needles and hairs from thistle plants. I know what the thistle looks like now so I will eliminate that. It is not that hard to get the few pine needles off. I am able to keep them from having any effect on the taste. That is mostly related to the strain planted and care taken when manicuring and drying the buds. Cheese will almost always taste better than sour diesel but will usually not be quite as strong.

    Regarding micro grows. Absoutley they have quality variations there. You can go to 10 different dispensaries and get 10 different qualities of supposedly the same weed.

    A lot of folks on this forum say super silver haze is a top smoke. Yet I have tried it at a couple of dispensaries and found it to be very disappointing. I will need to grow one out for myself to see what the actual quality is. Last year I grew a white widow which has never impressed me. When folks I know went to Amsterdam white widow was always the lowest price and quality in all the coffee shops. I am amazed at how well it turned out. The white widow and the bliss were by far the best two varieties I had last year. I have to clean the resin off my scissors every time I roll a joint and have to clean my sifter after every two joints. The grower makes a huge difference in the quality.
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  16. SoCalDad

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    LED and HPS

    :S5: I am running a 120watt LED 80%blue 20%red plus a 400watt MS bulb. All at the same time. My strains are Headband...Master Kush...Grape kush...White widow...God's Gift...Grandaddy purp...Cronic...Sour Grapes...Blue dream...Ak-47...Casey Jones...Trainwreck...Soil BX mix...I am 2 weeks in and looking really good and FULL Thick Leafs...Any help is greatly needed. This is my second time growing. I still have alot to learn.
  17. SoCalDad

    SoCalDad Registered+

    nice job

    :thumbsup:Nice job Man! What are ur lights?
  18. demoreal

    demoreal Registered+

    thats alot of blue light, is there a reason?
  19. SoCalDad

    SoCalDad Registered+


    :smokin: The blue is for growth the red is for flower.
  20. demoreal

    demoreal Registered+

    I know that.
    what i was wondering is you use so much blue compared to red. is that your set up all the way threw flowering. MH? cause I would think you would want to use an LED with an HPS, or at least an LED with more red?

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