Info on Swab Tests??? Need Help & Info Drug Test SOON!!!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Prays2Blaze, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Prays2Blaze

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    Hola Fellow Tokers!!!
    I just got a new job today and the first wonderful news that I recieved was that I will be expected to pass a drug test sometime next week,:mad:, unfortunately I've been roastin on my normal routine so there is no way I will pass the test next week. I was told that it would be a saliva test which didn't really affect me until I was told by one of my friends that it does not stay in your saliva for the full 30 days and that it is only in your saliva for around 4-6 days, I wanted to know if there was any truth to this and if there is how many days does it stay in your spit? Thank you I greatly appreciate any info regarding this matter as I am clueless on the subject.
  2. silkyblue

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    I read in Rolling Stone mag.

    swab test r good for one hour

    but I may have read it wrong
  3. Shenanigans

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    Haha, I've had friends say they smoked THE MORNING OF their swab test and pass it, but that is probably a bit of an exaggeration. Lay off the smoking a few days leading up to it most likely, and brush the insides of your cheeks and tongue, and floss leading up to the test and you should be fine.
  4. ambivalencesucks

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    hope this helps..

    i had to pass one a couple years ago, i didnt smoke before i took it, and about an hour before hand i brushed the hell out of my teeth, sides of my cheeks, roof of mouth, and tongue, etc, chewed gum, and i was in the clear. i'm not sure if it's bullshit, but i heard that chewing ice breakers gum also makes it undetectable {?}. good luck :hippy:
  5. Youreface

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    As stated previously, swab tests have a smaller detection period than urine tests. Even though that may be true, it doesn't mean that you should smoke the night before and try to chew some gum. If what you're taking this test for his important to you chill out on smoking for a couple days and take care of your mouth. Swabs are the easiest tests to pass, the magical cure to passing all of them is a small bit of self control for a few days.
  6. oLiLlY

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    Any and almost all toxins stay in your saliva for 72 hours. So if you want to pass the test and not have any worries you should prob stop for a few days.
  7. Prays2Blaze

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    Thanks ya I was gonna stop smoking for a couple of days before it the test but I heard after you still need to pass and the tests are random, :postexcuseme:, lol ya it sucks so ill probably just limit my smoking til I get into a comfortable position and no longer have to worry, is there any key ingredient in those saliva detox bottles that you could find in maybe a mouthwash or some kind of cleansing device for your teeth, also does anyone know how long ahead of time you have to put that mouthwash detox for it to take effect because as I understand it, it stops your glands that produce spit and pauses them for a few hours but how long does this take to come into effect? Thank you very much for taking time to respond I am extremely grateful for your time and concern and cannot express how helpful this is.

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