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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by AeroCultivator, Aug 24, 2009.

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    i have been looking throughout the forums on this website as well as many others and I would like to start a bonsai plant in a four inch pot about two inches deep. I have seen pictures on google, and I was hoping that I could possibly start a plant off that way. I know that it requires no more than LST and topping but I was hoping that someone could give me some input on a bonsai grow of there own or bonsai information in general. Any and all input would be great!!! Thanks :) :D:D:D:D:D
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    look in the thread in my sig, I've been growing a nice little bonsai/freak-of-nature myself for about 3 months now. Started May 5th. I kept it out of 5 because it looked the weirdest, theres pix of in the the thread. You have to keep track of it cuz there is another grow in that thread. But all I did was let it grow, didn't even top it and I have about 5 tops of my plant. Now I did prune alot of the grow nodes away so that the big very top of the nugs got all the energy they needed. Then I just tied them down, after about a month of being tied down, I decided to transplant, so I cut all my strings and the plant is rigid enough and the fact that all the growth spots have equal lighting, it doesnt have the need to grow out of its formed shape. Hope this helps, I'm just really high and rambling....

    GROW ON!
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    Wow this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. Only question is, and sorry I'm a little new to this ha, do new grow nodes just sprout out of the side of the branches? or rather new branches? Again thank you so much! Very helpful! :hippy:
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    well you know when the plants stems start to have little leaves sprouting off of them? I just pulled those off and eventually pulled off the preflowers and then flowers and then they stopped coming back. The main thing you have to do it make sure you prune enough to make it worth it for the remaining buds. As of now, I have 15 separate buds, ranging from 4 inches to 2 inches, all are rock hard and thick, good luck, hope you got something outta this rambling.

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    Might want to read-up on growing cannabis. This is an advanced technique requiring you to recognize deficiencies, knowing how and when to perform certain tasks, and the grower needs an overabundance of patience and diligence. If growing for personal smoke, you might want to reconsider performing harsh bonsai techniques on seedlings, as the yield is greatly diminished, and after chopping the roots, difficult to keep alive.

    A bonsai technique is in my signature, but it is part of a re-vegging technique, excellent for harversting clones.
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    Thanks for all of the great input! Especially from such great growers :) And actually I was considering just growing the cannabis plant as a small window plant rather than growing it specifically for the flowers or smoke. I will attach a picture to show what I'm trying to accomplish.

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    I realize this plant has flowers on it but what I meant earlier was that I want to focus mainly on growing it as a bonsai, not growing its beautiful flowers. I have other bonsai trees (elm, maple, and pine) and the art of bonsai is so relaxing and it is almost like taking care of an animal or a child. At least to me lol
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    I do bonsai for reg-vegging, but into appropriate size pots for the job, and I always transplant once rootbound.

    Being an annual, you'd have to keep a religious lighting schedule, and it could take years to gradually downsize to that small of a container. I never tried hard-core bonsai techniques on cannabis though.
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