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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by flyable6string, Apr 16, 2007.

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    I know someone who wants to grow for the first time, they want to grow in a closet in a state (in the U.S.A.) that has very harsh penalties for growing. You can get 1-6 years for 10 plants or less.
    Will aluminum foil block out the heat signature of 2 or 3 plants? My friend wants to line the ceiling of a closet with aluminum foil, because hes worried about police aircraft being able to see through the roof of his house with infrared cameras. He wants to grow for his own use to cut down on cost. Also Does anybody know of other ways the police use to find out if you are growing indoors or not? He dont have to worry about rats, because nobody else will know. Any information will be appreciated
  2. xxxhazexxx

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    foil no,c3 antil detection mylar yes but i dont know where you would get it over there:thumbsup:
  3. Gatekeeper777

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    Its against the law to violate your home without a search warrent and that includes infra red detection, this was ruled on by the US surprime court.
    but some people grow close to the furnace or water heater anyhow.
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    Dont worry bout it. If there gonna be looking at your house with a infa-red they probably already have a good clue that your growing. And how will they know the difference from a closet grow than a heater or a water heater, etc. Its all just a big hype if you ask me. It would take alot of fucking heat to go through all your insulation and such...this is just my opinion though.
  5. Chabnoc

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    ok, this is the type of shit I know. I do not know law, or which states do what for growing. But I do know about how heat works, and how they read it. Like these people have said, they will have trouble telling a heater, or water heater and such from your plant area.. Depending on how large you grow area is.

    If you have a small grow area. With minumal lights, I wouldn't even worry about it. I might even just use CFL's for the veggie part.

    But if you have a large area, I would grow during colder months of the year, if you have a grow area of lets say 8'X8', then over this area, place 3"-8" foil faced Rigid Insulation, at 12'X12' and also place 3/4" rigid Insul. over the windows.

    But I would never go to this extreme unless I knew they were watching me, and then I would not be growing anyway.

    I use the 1/2" rigid Insul, to cover and dark out windows now. It works great, blacks out windows totally when cut correctly, and also helps control my temps in my room.

    Got to go.. sorry. I will add if needed later. But chill.
  6. oldsanclem

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    Fairy tail , tales of life
    mylar does not stop Ir
    It is against the law to do ir for busting growers
    Work around , they get a court order to bust a suspected grower. NO porblem. But they use a wide angle camera to locat other growers. Then get a court order to photograph one more house
    NOW you can check you your own home , borrow a old fashion camera and use the IR red dot. You focus the camera as normal , look at the feet and move the feet to the red mark.
    If I may qoute a federal nark ," the small growers are everywhere, and not worth going after"
    Note they use a camera developed at Quanico VA. that show outdoor pot like a spot light. They can spot a pot bush in a tree, plam, swamps, fields.
    relax enjoy growing , its fun ,its easy and keep your mouth shut
  7. evertking

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  8. bobbygreenbear

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    just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you ;)

    -geez i love that saying :) toke on, and chill, infrared is the last of your worries, but no reason not to be overly safe
  9. weedmaster

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    use 2 layers of 15mm fire resistant plaster board, cheep and easy.
  10. Cannabis Rex

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    so what are the odds of them spotting a single plant outdoors a field. Do you think the would confiscate it?
  11. 1chronic

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    Cannabis rex, spotting a single plant is kinda unlikely from a chopper, there usually looking for bigger grows. But it can happen, and yes the would confiscate it or destroy it. But at least you wouldn't get busted for growing indoors.
  12. the image reaper

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    "paranoia will destroy ya"
  13. Cannabis Rex

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    its hard not to be paranoid..

    I have another Q though, have any of you ever heard of planting near Pine trees will throw off the infrared since the pine also puts off more heat?
  14. Tomthehippie

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    i grow in a shed a few grows back we had 21 plants in veg, 1pm this massive red copter flew over head and hovered right over the house! This thing was CLOSE! It had a RAF mod sign on the front! we were sure weed been nicked. we loaded up the plant in bin bags and bunged them in the car. we waited it out an hour or so away from the house for anything to happen. we decided to drive back in to town, there were police cars everywhere.. we were sure they were for us. we dropped off all the plants that were basically dead by now at a mates then went bk to the shed and filled it with chillie plants as not to look conspicuous but nothing ever came of it. i do think the chance of being court out by a copter are small unless your running a massive grow op. A small op will be fine, the heat coming off a 600 or even a 1000 could me misinterpreted as a boiler or anything. But paranoia does not help! When ever a copter flies over head im out there checking it out to be on the safe side.
  15. Nocturnal Stoner

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    I've been paranoid since December about my grow and have been waiting to get busted it hasn't happened yet so paranoia can fuck off!
  16. Delta9 UK

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    I asked a UK copper staight-up if they look for grow ops in the UK with IR and he said flat-out "No"

    He is a well trusted (known him over 20 years) source and says the chopper is so busy on requests that they don't do that sort of thing. Human intelligence (humint) is still the no1 lead they get for busting grow-ops. He's busted a fair few too so he really does know what he's on about.

    Obviously this is in one part of the UK - but you can imagine that other Police forces around the UK are the same. The helicopter costs a staggering amount of money to keep airborne and it is constantly responding to officer requests for support.


    I think a whole row of houses with all the loft areas of the houses running grows in them - that would get spotted if the chopper crew bothered to point their IR equipment at it. They are usually pretty busy though - which is good news for us.

    He did ask me afterwards if all the weed I was smoking was making me paranoid - lol you gotta laugh, its a fucked up world.
  17. fatsax

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    cheers delta gd to get inside info
  18. cole

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    i dont know what your talking about, the police have better things to do than fly arround in their helicopters with heat sensors checking for pot growers, also i dont think pine trees emit to much heat lol:jointsmile:
  19. Mississippi Steve

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    Law enforcement types have better things to do than look for every single person that is growing for personal use(1 or 2 plants). They are looking for those growing for sale/distribution so it looks good on the 6 o'clock news. 99% of the time when somebody gets busted with a half dozen plants or less, its because they were running their mouth, or some nosey neighbor was poking around somewhere they shouldn't have been, or a pissed off EX turned them in.
    If you can keep your mouth shut and don't advertise the fact that your growing, you won't have a problem.
    When in doubt, common sense applies.
  20. dadogg

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    Just run the lights on during the day.The heat from daylight will intersept any infared signature especially airbourn choppers.Don't worry about problems that are not there. they'll just drive you crazy.

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