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    I've smoked cannabis in many forms, as well as tried almost every other common drug out there, as well as some of the more uncommon ones. One thing I've always been curious about is eating cannabis. Is it necessary to extract the THC into butter or fat or alcohol, or could one simply, say, chew up a 4g bud and get stoned as hell? The reason I ask is I'm a TERRIBLE cook/baker and I always manage to ruin all the food I have a hand in preparing. I'd be more than willing to chew up a bud, as disgusting as that may sound, but I'm unsure if any psychoactive chemicals would reach my bloodstream in that method.
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    Alright, some people are just gonna straight out disagree with me, and you can listen to them if you want to, but if you wanna be sure you get high from your bud (who wouldn't?) pick up a pen and a paper.

    THC needs one thing to become a psychoactive chemical, heat. There's this chemical process where THCA = THC, but it's not really important.

    Now, the body needs one thing to be able to use the THC, and that's the digestive chemicals that come for fat and alcohol. Now, this is somewhat speculative, but it's better than no thought at all.

    Now, for you I would suggest a firecracker. They're fairly easy to make, take almost no culinary skill, and get you pretty damn high. Type in firecracker in the search bar, and you'll probably find 50 threads detailing how to make it better than I can. One thing I have to say, though, as I haven't seen this outlined in any threads before, is you need to mix the natural peanut butter really well. Most natural peanut butters don't have preservatives, so it's all liquidy at the top and hard at the bottom. Make sure to mix it really well.

    Hope that helped.
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    You sir, just saved the day.
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    FIRECRACKERS ARE THE SHITTT... i love those things.. i use nutella instead of penutbutter and i wrap them in foil
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    is it true that you cant microwave a firecracker?
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    i put half a gram in each fire cracker. Im not sure if you can microwave them ive never tried
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    For firecrackers, you can cook them anyway you want, as long as the temp doesn't exceed 180degF. If the temp gets higher than that, the THC will vape away and be useless. I don't recommend a microwave as they are made to super heat things up, so knowing or controlling the temp would be a difficult task to do. Use your oven. :thumbsup:

    As for the cooking food, sure, you could eat a 4gram bud raw, but you would get about 10x as many stonings smoking it. Eating it raw will get you high, but not to its full advantage, and why waste a 4gram bud with a 1gram high? Seems like a waste.

    Cooking it in something fatty is your best bet. That's why firecrackers work so well because of the butter in the peanut butter.
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    it doesnt matter if the THC hits over 180degrees as long as the peanut butter or w/e has a total seal around it

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