Inline vs. Duct vs. Booster fans...?

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Absolut Chronic, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Absolut Chronic

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    Hi there! Bout to start up a new grow, this one will be bigger and better, so I'm looking into ventilating my 400w 6" cool tube. It will be traveling just a few feet to outside of the grow tent on both sides, so I'm pretty sure I don't need a really powerful fan. Not knowing what each fan is used for, the prices are quite different. I see these '6" inline duct booster fans" for $30 on ebay, and I also see $90 inline fans that look like they could launch my grow tent into orbit. I understand the boosters are usually for long trails of ducting that need, well, a boost. So my question, is it possible to just use the booster as an exhaust fan hooked directing to the cool tube? Or is there something I'm missing here? If it is possible, would one work? Or should I have two, one on each side of the light? As usual, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    A booster fan will work fine for a small light such as yours. It also depends on how large of an area you are exhausting from? If you have a small tent you should be fine. Good luck!
  3. Absolut Chronic

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    4'x4'x7' Grow tent. Thanks!
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    you need 1-2 400-500- cfm cooling fan 6ho with carbon filter scrubber and duct muffler to passive cool tent through top back holes in tent depending on design of tent with the filter, fan, muffler, sitting outside the room, depending on passive openings in your tent, similar to my ballast cooling system Air cooled ballast maintain low temps save money.. - YouTube could open end hood or no glass and have passive intake, with vent holes 360deg on bottom of tent useing passive cool holes made yourself screen and 3x3 in holes,
    2......or the passive hole on top running fresh air through hood and not to your plants needing supplemental co2 or
    3...... another 6ho enough to create air flow with duct muffler to provide fresh intake at the bottom of tent to provide flow through design that point would be positive static
    .............. then again intake must be filtered as well as the exhaustion,
    and or also place ballast and any other electronics creating head out side of room to remove any un-needed btu's created in tent thats for 400-600 hps or mh but remember air is not always enough to cool or provide co2 to your plants so if its a room inside a room the room needs a window with opening big enough to draw air and try to locate one close to window and another close to another window or a hole other room. room inside of room needs cooling and co2 so the the outer room need to be 15-20 cooler than operating temp in tent.

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