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Passing a drug screen in 6 days?

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  1. Pmc17

    Pmc17 Registered

    I'm a female ,early twenties, 120 pounds, and 5'4. I smoked twice this past weekend and has been the only time I've smoked.. now I'm up for a drug test in 6 days from today so I'm wondering if there is any way I could pass said test without having to use the diluted water trick, fake urine, or temporary detox. Any suggestions??
  2. RichardRM

    RichardRM Registered

    I took one hit of some very potent weed on Saturday. Had to take UA Tuesday, I tested myself in morning it showed a trace. Went to take test at noon same day. I purchase some synthetic urine. Heated what I thought was good. BUT when I pored it in cup it was smoking. The lady knocking on the door saying I need to finish up as I'm blowing on the stuff. I had to poor it out and tell her I couldn't go. Now I had to give her the real urine. I passed, it takes 72 hours to be certain you are clean after only one hit. I'm 6" 250# Good Luck
  3. Shari L Haas

    Shari L Haas Registered

    Ok so anyone on here used clean urine that u put in a bottle then place inside of you to pass a drug test? I've done it like that for years and I have been the past 4 months with no problems tI'll the other day someone told on me or somethin so they were watchin so close I barely was able to use it. Well when I did she look3d at it and said you're gonna have to reproduce and dumped it in the toilet. I said what do u mean why's that she said unless u hAve a fever or your insides are on fire this is almost 100 and it shouldn't be that high. Well I was sick at the time which I told her, but I don't understand how it could get any hotter than your body temperature inside of you? I was like I had to have a fever if not I have no clue how it got houser than my body. Anyway I guess next time I'm gonna try wait til right before I go in and hopefully it's not too hot by time they call me. Surely it won't get much hotter or any hotter than my body within 30 min or so of bein in there? Also has anyone heard of passing with efferdent? My friend swear it worked whole time he was on probation except 1 time and that's bc he didn't do it right he says u can't do anything at least 24 hours prior to testing then that day drink it with water and make sure to pee once b4 test then give them your 2nd. He swears on everything he passed everytime and was using crack and heroin. Anyone else tried or heard of this? If I have time b4 my next test I'm gonna try it with a home drug screen but I'm scared to try it without t4wtin it first which I guess it really wouldn't matter either way lol bc If I can't get away with using someone's pee anymore since someone told on me then my only other options r drop dirty or try the efferdent. Keeping fingers crossed I can go back t9 takin pee without a problem but I'm sure they'll watch me like a hawk from now on. Thabks everyone

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