Insurance Physical Urine Test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by FernGully, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. FernGully

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    Yo all. My roommate has an insurance physical with State Farm. She's a daily toker, and I wanted to know if anyone knew what they tested for?

    There is a blood test and a urine test. I know a flush, like test pure, will work for her if the urine is tested, but would they really test blood for drug use?

    If you're REALLY good at all this, I'd appreciate the feedback.

  2. slantedeyes

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    Thc for blood test can only be detected 3-5 days for a chronic user, and 30-60 days for urine test for a chronic user. People have the misconception that thc is detectable longer in blood than your urine, but it is actually the opposite. Hope these facts were helpful.
  3. Iguana

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    Do not rely on any type of "flush". Read the substitution and dilution stickies.
  4. hubrock

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    they will be testing for thc in the urine. i am in the financial industry, and a life insurance test is exactly why i am detoxing for 60 days (bad for the career if my firm found out what i do when i leave the office)
  5. killerweed420

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    If I had to take an insurance I would never use my own urine even if knew I was clean. They are looking for pre-existing conditions so they don't have to cover you. Have her use synthetic urine. Its easier for women if there is a physical exam done.
  6. hubrock

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    ya i have seen people been denied coverage because of protien in the urine. you can call state farm an ask them about their underwriting requirements. alot of companies dont test anything if you are asking for under 250,000.

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