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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by timothylearyisdead, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. timothylearyisdead

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    i dont ever advise doing this and i admit ive done it a few times and it definitely works but some people like to crumble up vicodin and codein and other assorted Rx's and laced their tree with it. now that is a stupid idea but it does work and i was wondering what if you did that with dronabinol(THC in pill form). do you think it would increase the thc level of the weed? this thread will probably be deleted but im curious what people think about this
  2. KiEfBoyjBm

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    From what I understand most drugs are not activated by combustion. Due to this a lot of the the drugs potential effectiveness is decreased if smoked rather than eaten. I have a feeling that a lot of the drugs you mentioned including dronabinol fall into that category. That is why I think it is probably best to eat the pill rather than smoke it.
  3. BigHyphyD

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    Give me 100% MJ.

    Does everything I need it to.

  4. mfqr

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    You don't enjoy Cannabis alone? :(. I think lacing it with harder drugs is a bad thing to do. I used to do oxycodone, but I like weed a lot better, so I have no need to oxy/codein/vicodin (sucks anyway)/morphine. I think doing this too often could lead to the health hazards that narcotic analgesics such as oxycodone, vicodin, codein, etc. cause. Just enjoy the ganja! No need to lace it ;). Doing this and announcing it just increases the effect of the bullshit propaganda released by the government. By the way, you can smoke hydrocodone.
  5. only 'thc pill' i've ever heard of was marinol, and that's just a liquid inside of a capsule... it's actually sesame seed oil, and no i don't see that working.
  6. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    i refuse to do any drug that isnt natural now i was just wondering if it could make weed a whole lot better but i would never do it or encourage anyone to do it. just a theory.
  7. budsmoker only

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    i dont think that makes weed better at all.. i like weed for weed.. dont need anything added to it
  8. s2headhunter

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    dude i dont think hes asking about the oxy and vics and shit...hes wondering would the thc pills make his weed better....and dude i dont think it would
  9. KiEfBoyjBm

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    I would try synthesized mj combined with natural or even alone too. I'd like to see how well man can replicate a plant that God created so masterfully. If marinol is a liquid inside of gelcap, perhaps you can still combine it with weed.
  10. TheSmokingMonkey

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    I think that it probably wouldn't be better to smoke the pills than to eat them. You'd probably get high but I don't think the extraction/absorption of THC would be higher with smoking - it would probably be the same, or less.
  11. marvelous22

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    I would never smoke any laced shit on perpose. Im one of those potheads that stays as healthy as possible. =)
  12. Beano

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    Most chemicals are destroyed upon contact with direct heat.
    Just pop your pills then smole a J :D
  13. Magic Haze

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    dont try to make weed fuck you up that much, your supposed to enjoy your high :thumbsup:
  14. ghettoBlunt

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    i have vics and perks right now, cause i just got my wisdom teeth out, i have been vapin straight tree...i wouldnt even think about mixing painkillers and bud...thats just disrespectful to the plant man
  15. dark0ne

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    if you wanted to make the weed better cook with it.The absorbtion is greater causing a HUGE body high.

    when i make brownies i use 2 mixes and a whole package of butter. The ony limit is the amount of ganja you put in. more weed=smaller pieces@ higher doeses. I crammed a 1/2 ounce into 2 cups of melted butter.

    eat 2 of these babies and you'll be nice VERY Nice. you wont even need the damn oxy,morphine,heroin.....blah blah blah
  16. orange floyd

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    actually smoking thc pills does work. about two years back, a few of my friends bought a bunch of them. theyd get like a nick of bud and pour out lie like 5+ of the thc pills on it and they all got pretty fucked up. also ive read online stories of people who got prescribed it and said it sucked, and ended up smoking it and said it was somewhat better.
  17. Vwslike2gtHI

    Vwslike2gtHI Registered

    Weed and Fungas are all that i need...Mixing shit is just asking for another commercial telling america how "bad"(arse) it is :jointsmile:
  18. PrimalKing

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    I got your answers... kinda

    alright so can't remember what it was called but back in the day i used to buy these capsules of which contained thc... well we just had a little bowl of bottom bag left so instead of me taking my last one i said... hey... lets put this on top, so we puctured the capsule drained it out on top of the crumblies, and not only did the bowl last for a month of sundays, but we were indeed... baked, but if it is better than actuly taking it... don't know just depends if you like the body high or the head high more i guess. p.s. makin an oxy sandwich with weed has it moments, but not particularly suggested.
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  19. the image reaper

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    'spiking' marijuana with other drugs is just bad ju-ju :wtf:
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  20. gypski

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    I agree. Make hash with the trash! :D

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