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    Hello, everybody. It's my first grow in soil. I'm hoping to learn from you guys. I know there's pros on here with good advice
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    Good to meet you Bill Bill... You are in luck. Pro's are not available on a 24/7 basis, but those hundreds who have come before you got those pro's to write about the very questions that you are probably going to ask. Check out some grow logs and see what sort of advice you can glean from them. Check out the links that others provide to you in their signature lines too... all that information is there for you to learn from. When you find you have a question, do a search on this forum to see if it has been covered before, and there is your expert... at your beck and call. Just because advice doesn't come live and directly presented to you, doesn't make it any less valid. Do your research before asking a dumb question that 45 other people have asked in the past. You will both feel and be smarter for doing so. The best advice I ever got was to start a grow journal, and ask your questions in there. Not only do you get the answers you seek that way, but you can add pictures and descriptions that point the answer directly to your situation and after all is said, done and resolved, you have the documentation of what happened right there in your journal. Good luck!
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    We don't know nothin' 'bout growin' no weed. Who told ya that? :) humor makes the world go round). So, what's ya got, pots or real in the ground?
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    Pics or it didn't happen... ;)
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