Iranian Short Season Strain ( I.S.S ) !

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    Dr.GreenThumb has a Feminized Auto Flowering Iranian Short Season strain.

    This particular type of Auto Flowering strain is recommended to be grown outdoors.

    Height is between 18 inches to 24 inches tall ( Foot and a half - Two feet tall ).

    Finishes in August, so I would assumed you would start it in the sunny Summer day's of June, if it's a true Auto Flowering strain.

    Supposedly high yield and very potent.

    A 10 pack of Feminized Auto Flowering Iranian Short Season from Dr.GreenThumb is $150.00 USD.

    ============================== ====================

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this strain, before I spend $150.00 cash on it ?

    Is it the real deal ?

    Thank you !
  2. GrowDawg

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    I have heard some great things about this strain as well. Sadly though I think the info comes from Forum spammers. I cannot seem to get any info other than what seed Affiliates want me to hear. With that said it is still an autoflower which are of the Ruderalis variety and not usually as potent as true Indicas or Sativas.

    Recently though some great growers/breeders have been successfully breeding new autoflowers focusing on potency. The Joint Doctors Diesel Ryder is a Tremendous Auto! (One of the VERY best and Currently sold Out) Russian Rocket Fuel and Mi5 are supposed to be hella potent as well. Not sure about yeild though maybe 50 grams a plant

    Iranian Short Season Is Bred with Endless Sky A potent Indica from the vaults of Dr Green Thumb. Dr green Thumb Dot Com. He is a great breeder and runs a great little seed Op! Anything in this guys stable is Real good and certainly worth a look for any grower! So I trust that I.S.S Grown well will be Great (otherwise He wouldnt Have it) I.S.S. is also supposed to be a good yeilder too! Anywhere between 100-200 grams per plant (quoted) Outdoor only August finish!!

    I will be growing a Bunch of Autos this upcoming outdoor season myself! I need to do this because I need to be DONE before Sept and I need to be quite stealth as I have room for about 20-25 2 footers! Based On everthing that I need for yeild and potency, where and how I grow space limitations etc. I have decided that Iranian Short Season fro Dr Green Thumb will be my Genetics for "Outdoor Grow 2010"

    The Only other consideration (if I can find the Beans) is Diesel Ryder By the Joint Dr

    Hope this helps!!

    Iranian Short Season
    Product Code- ISF (Feminized) (Auto-Flower)
    Developed to eliminate the
    worry of thieves in the Fall


    Potency: 4½ out of 5
    Taste: Hashy

    Indoor Growth
    Outdoor Growth
    Finished height
    Indoor Growth
    Not Recommended
    Plant height
    18" to 24"
    Yield (g/m²)

    100 to 200 g

    Potency Key: Strains like
    AK-47 or White Widow would
    have a rating of 4 out of 5
    Frost Resistance -
    Frost Resistance -
  3. Chemdawg

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    Iranian Short Season

    i have grown ISS a few times now. it is by a country mile the best auto I have grown so far. we smoke tested it side by side with OG Kush and we felt they were equally potent which is a far cry from the Lowryder crosses and they yield substantially more than any of them ISS yields about a quarter pound per plant.

    it is difficult to find plants to finish in Ireland without mold problems...we tried many. Lowryder and Lowryder crosses finished but with so little yield and barely any potency at all. We tried some autos from Vancouver Island Seeds that were much vaunted but they didn't deliver. We got two females out of 20 seeds that finished in late August and early September respectively with skimpy yield and low potency. Iranian Short Season finished in July on one planting and August on the other planting and did quite well indoors too.
    I ordered some of the new one greenthumb has called Iranian G13 but don't have it yet. according to them it is not auto but will finish in August with more yield
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  4. GrowDawg

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    Hey Chemdog thanks for jumping in here! Your getting me pumped for this seasons outdoor! Def going with the I.S.S.

    It would be great if you could post some pics of your I.S.S. growing or some cured buds.

    You said it did well indoors too? Greenthumbs site says its not for indoor! Have you tried the Diesel Ryder? Not sure of the yeild but the potency is there!
  5. leadmagnet

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    I didn't see it at attitude. (Can I say that?)

    Not that I'd actually buy it, cough, cough.
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  6. GrowDawg

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    Not that cough cough anyone who buy them but you could see the I.S.S here

    By the way I think Chemdog is a spammer. He the same Exact posts (copy & Paste) on several other boards. Why the trickery if the beans are good people will buy no need for the F'n B.S. Come on Chemdog isnt there enough friggen hassle with our hobby? We were simply looking for an honest review on the I.S.S.
  7. Chemdawg

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    Please. I just call it the way I see it.
  8. leadmagnet

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    No doubt it is a delightful strain but the prices there are frightening, cough, cough.
  9. Micsog

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    don't listen to this douche bag he doesn't know what he's talking about he probably can't even get a seed to sprout they didn't teach it to him after he flunked kindergarten.

    do what you do bro grow what makes you happy.:thumbsup:
  10. leadmagnet

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    Man, you're really hostile. You need to go have a smoke or sumtin. The prices there ARE a little high. Maybe check out Sagarmatha, they seem to have some good autoflowering plants. I'm giving them a try right now with a plant they call smerfberry, lol. (I know, sounds goofy).
  11. GrowDawg

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    It would be great If someone could Post some pics of a recent grow from the I.S.S. I don really care if anyone is spamming! I have decided to grab these beans and grow!! Again it will be my choice for my upcoming outdoor grow!

    I will know if they are any good myself instead of trying to see who's B.S'n or not!

    Like I said It would be Nice to see pics of a Legit I.S.S grow though!
  12. Chemdawg

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    Iranian Short Season autos

    Here are a few of my pics. some were started in April and harvested in early July, some were started in May and harvested in August. most were in the ground and few were in pots

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  13. leadmagnet

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    So you're looking at four months or so from planting to harvest on an outdoor grow with the ISS autoflower strain?
  14. Chemdawg

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    3 months start to finish. Just diggin through my old photos and found these

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  15. leadmagnet

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    Holy sh!t, how many did you say were planted in that crop with the two pics?
  16. chongsbuddy

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    chemdawg is a lying fuck.those pics came right from the docs website!he is a total bullshitter!
  17. Chemdawg

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    Cool! It does look like my photo. All the pics on greenthumbs site are customer submitted and that means I get free seeds.:thumbsup:
  18. frostedwonder

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    So the OP has only made this one post, hmmm and then more spammers in this thread,, cool what a awesome existence.
  19. GrowDawg

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    For Some reason you look for info on I.S.S and you see the same lying fuck and the same stolen pics ! Oh well
  20. Chemdawg

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    These are my bloody photos and they were done as I said. This is bollocks. Believe what you want. For my part no more posts on ISS

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