Is 24 hours of light continuously 24/7 bad for my plants??

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by jlve187, May 10, 2009.

  1. jlve187

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    I have about 9 plants and they are seedlings about 6 days old getting big now but i havent gave them a rest yet i was thinking about giving them about 6 hours of darkness tonite because they been going for 24/7... What do you guys think??? Is 24/7 to much for them and should i give them a resting period?????:jointsmile:
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    that is the oldest argument in growing ... in MY opinion, plants need the dark cycles to reach their full potential ... I can't give hard evidence supporting that, but after a lifetime of growing, and trying alternative methods, I still use 18/6 for vegetative period, and 12/12 for the flowering period ... I just haven't seen improvement by moving much off that schedule ... cannabis is so tough, it will adjust to damn near anything, but there's nowhere on the entire planet, that is fully lit 24 hours a day (except, maybe Las Vegas :D) ...

    but, here's a VERY interesting theory, on using light periods, to influence the sativa characteristics, by DJ Short, the famous breeder ...

    Breeding tips | Cannabis Culture Magazine ... thought-provoking :smokin:

    P.S. - young seedlings, transplants, and clones probably need the darkness most ... the plant is busier building a root system, when not photosynthesizing the light ...
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  3. oldmac

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    short answer: NO

    Hey jlve187,
    There is no harm done to a plant by vegging at 24/0, 24/7.
    I've used both 24/0 and 18/6 and it really is a personnel choice or what works best for you in your situation.

    Hello ImageReaper,
    Thank you so much for stating clearly that your answer was your opinion.

    I think when people say that it needs a "rest" period, they are projecting thier human needs onto the plant. I also believed they needed a rest period, up to a few years ago when I took some botany classes at the local community college. Found out our beloved plant did not grow anything at night, not even roots.

    Think about running a clonner....weak, blue biased light, 24 hours a root cuttings. The interesting thing is, if you root cuttings using 12/12, it will work but root growth is much slower. If they laid down roots during the dark period the 12/12 should grow roots faster. (unless the plant is confused, not knowing to root or bloom?)
  4. jlve187

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    Thanks man!!!

    Hey thanks helps me alot!!! i have another question though i have them in 8 oz plastic cups and i just looked on the bottom of the cups and i can see the roots they are touching the bottom and some of them are like becoming legnthy on the bottom ya kno....Should i transplant them into a bigger pot now or should i wait a few more days??? They are only 5 days old... I planted them on may 5th....around 3:30pm eastern time usa....Any replys would be great!!!:jointsmile:
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    What kind of plant did y'all grow? I'm guessing it wasn't even close to the cannabis species, with different native habits, growing conditions, nutrients and such. Galss container to monitor roots? C'mon...more info...

    Although Image said it was his opinion, and you acknowledged his saying it was his opinion...I'm surprised to see you jump in with your opinion as if it were fact. This debate has raged on forever because there is ample suggestions for supporting both sides, and most of us that believe in the darkness period (me included) are, at the very least, mimicking the general conditions in nature, without risking developmental stress. (and a larger electricity bill) So without supporting documentation, your words will have be added to the 'darkness not necessary' category.

    In other words...the next time you decide to slam someone else's opinion, how about showing your proof?

    Too many cannabis fables...not nearly enough documentation.
  6. syde00

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    the artic circle actually gets 24 hours of light between june and august! good luck growing MJ in -40C weather though rofl.
  7. oldmac

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    Hi syde00,

    Thanks for that, I was just going explain to ImageReaper the same thing. I stayed with a friend north of Fairbanks and in the summer at a certian point the sun comes up and then just geos round and round in the sky, till weeks later it finally sets a bit. Most disconcerting to people not use to it...imposible to tell north from south while looking at the sun.
  8. oldmac

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    Hello Rusty,

    First, let me appologize to you and IR, I was hoping to start a dialogue with him over certian inaccurrate statements he has made lately and where not proceeded by a opion disclaimer. I had seen you post a similar idea for the need for sleep, with the IMO....I was happy IR did it the same.

    I was not trying to "slam" his opinion, that is really hyperbole on your part.
    In fact I stated I held the same opinon right up to a few years ago, till I got some facts. But you are right, I should have labled it opinon so not to offend anyone who wanted to disagree with current scienitific thinking on this subject.

    So here goes. It is my opinon, based on what I've been taught in a classroom, read in a botany textbook and later proved by real world experiments that marijuana, as a C3 plant has no need for a dark period or in human terms "rest" period, while in it's in VEGATIVE state. And they will grow roots without any dark period. In fact, while growing 24/0 for 24/7 it is quite "happy" to put it in human terms again. During the FLOWERING state a dark potoperiod is necessary.

    Wish I was taking pics back then to doc the experiment. But the experiment was something I did after reading some BS on these boards last year. "you can't clone using 12/12". The debate went for awhile, to me it was stupid to argue since it is so easy to do an experiment, and that's what I did. Proved, at least to myself, you could clone at 12/12 if just took twice as long, or if I gave them the same number of days in the cloner, the 12/12 group had about 1/2 the amount of root mass. The only logical conclusion I could draw was they did not grow roots during the dark photoperiods ("sleepy time" to you). Try it, let me know how it works, for you.

    BTW: In the college course I took we oviously did not grow any mj (wow, willing to make safe bets) but it was an often talked about often asked about plant. And the prof devoted one whole day to it (he told me after the class it's always the same, worlds most popular weed I guess)

    In the future when I state something, I'll use the opinon disclaimer, even when I know it to be C3 plants need no dark photoperiod during veg.

    Soooo speaking of cannabis fables, how about some proof for your opinon that marijuana needs a "rest period"? Maybe a couple of coffee breaks during the day would suffice. And since you feel strongly about thier need to rest, what are your thoughts on giving them two weeks vaction every year? :D
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  9. Rusty Trichome

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    Hyperbole...? An obvious exaggeration...? Lol. You are slamming anyone's opinion that doesn't jive with yours. I could care less what the subject matter, if you are going to correct someone else's post, you damn well better be ready to back your words. Again...what facts? All I'm asking is for you to show some proof of your difinitive statements.

    As I perviously stated, most of us believe that the rest period is helpful. Nobody said mandatory, as we all know cannabis does not need a dark period early in veg. But regardless, are you claiming that cannabis grows better (healthier, faster, stronger) on a 24/0 schedule in veg, than a 18/6 schedule? I'm not a believer, so go ahead and feel free to prove it.
    In my experience, rooted clones and seedlings do better with a nightly dark period. I offer no proof, but I know what works for my cannabis plants, and share this insight with others.

    Damn good idea, as your "fact" is lacking proof. Especially if in regards to improved growth habits.

    My proof...? There is none, which is why the debate continues unresolved.
    Your last statements are childish at best. :thumbsup:
  10. purplekush989

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    who has a bigger dick, rusty trichome or oldmac?
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  11. oldmac

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    Hey Rusty;

    Try reading "Horticulture, Principlals and Practices" by George Arquaah.

    Then if you would really like to discuss it and not debate it, come talk to me.

    Otherwise, have a nice day.................

    ......'cause what would Willie do?????????
  12. oldmac

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    Hey purplekush989,

    If that is the criteria....I give up now.

    I've said this before but it bares repeating now, I'm an old man and I equate things to Willie Nelson...........

    one of the best "willieisms" is on his 75th birthday he announced: "It's offical, I've outlived my dick." and I'm older then Willie.

    I do think Rusty is just looking to fight for some reason, I don't know why.

    Shame he could not take a hint from StinkyAttic the other night....on Mother's day our "spiritual mother" made an appearence, and was not happy with what she saw. And basically was disappointed by all of our behavior, sort of left me with a feeling she was saying: I thought I had raised you all better then this.

    Oh well, I'm sure Rusty is a fine individual and you know we do agree on a lot of things. It's ironic that this is over 24/0 vs 18/6 when in fact I use BOTH right now. In my home grow it's 18/6 and in my parterned grow we have been using 24/0 soon to change to 20/4. And I have no problem with those who use or bring thier beliefs about the plant to the table. If someone wants to believe thier plant needs to rest for whatever amount of time they think it is, thats ok too. It's just like believing in moon phases for planting or such, if it works for you then great use it. I will not critize it. I digress.

    Hey purplekush, thanks for giving me an excuse to vent a little.
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  13. Rusty Trichome

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    I'm kinda surprised you bringing stinkyattic into this. What's the matter...can't back your statement, so you'll attack elsewhere?
    Stinky has other problems, and I'm quite certain she does not need you inserting words in her mouth to get her point across. Plus...I'm not here to impress her or you. I'm here to help all interested parties learn how to grow the best cannabis possible, without falling victim to old wives tales, etherial concepts, pyramid power, and factless theories. If she finds fault with my technique or insight...she'll let me know. The rest is simply personalities.

    But it's funny you arguing a point you can't prove, and then you tell me I'm the one itching to fight. If fighting for the facts is is disappointing, then I guess you'll be disappointed quite often, as I am not one to say: "'s not worth fighting over"...after the fight has been ongoing. You can't have it both ways. Either you can provide proof here, or not.

    Everything in the natural world has a cause-and-effect.
    Yes, cannabis can be grown on a 24/0 schedule. But is that optimal...? I argue that is not best. And what kind of peripheral stressors does this add to the pants down the line? What what does it do to the plant's disease resistance? Dorught resistance? Oxygen exchange and outgassing? How much bulk is gained or lost? Will it lengthen or shotren the intrnode spacing? How about cell repair and development? How long before the genetics change, in the plant's attempts to accomodate the effects of a 24/0 schedule? How long till the thc/cbn/cbd ratios get too fucked-up to do us any good?
    Link your proof, as I have no local library, and would love for you to point-out the docummented evidence that darkness does nothing for healthy vegetative cannabis growth. You can be the very first to provide this proof, in the history of cannabis forums. :thumbsup:

    Also...I believe I heard you mention that the roots don't grow during the darkness...I'm assuming that by this, you mean that they do nothing during darkness. Is this the case? Anxiously awaiting your response. :jointsmile:
  14. jlve187

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    No Fighting!!

    Hey come on guys i didn't put this question up so that this could start agruments..Im sorry i did tho because its kind of my fault...But come on guys everyone has there own opinions ya know....I just don't want you guys arguing over something so stupid...Smoke a little and forget about it!!:jointsmile:
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  15. filo6942

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    If you want to blast by the veg phase use 24-0.

    MJ is a c3 plant, it does not need darknes for veg!!! This has been proven over and over. I have grown plants side by side same strain, one with 24-0 and the other on 18-6. Guess which one grew faster and stronger? :jointsmile:

    You may be wrong my friend.
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  16. Rusty Trichome

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    Sorry if I'm not impressed with your calims, but the last time I took someones statement on face value, I became a dad. (she wasn't on the pill)

    Will lack of a dark period kill your plants? No. Is it the best treatment you can offer your ladies on their journey? In my And to me, it's not a technique I'd teach a newcomer unarmed to fight any potential stresses this induces in both short and long-term. I tried the technique a few times, and was unimpressed with root development and foliar growth. The plants without darkness looked runted and undernourished. Not nearly as healthy as what I usually grow, so does seem to change the plant physiology. (growth habits, the appearance of being healthy, size and structure of the leaves, internode spacing...) I offer no proof of my insight, as it is my opinion, developed after quite a few years of growing my meds. And like you, my hands are tied since there is no proof either way, that withholding darkness isn't a stressor. With the exception of nature, of course.

    Ya know...this discussion would end real quick, were you two to back your statements with supporting documentation. But I'm done dicking with this thread, as you will continue to do what you want, and I will continue to enjoy my meds. Right or have not convinced me of anything other than the fact that the debate continues.......:jointsmile:
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  17. jlve187

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  18. Italiano715

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    Rusty knows his shit! I'd definitely agree with 24/0 not having any substantial benefits. I enjoy my 18/6 and so do my plants, so that's is what I stick with. No plants outside in nature have lighting 24 hrs a day. That right there should tell you something! Anywho, I could really care less as long as they provide me with enough meds to keep me satisfied! :D

    P.S. I tried to give you some +rep but it says, "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Rusty Trichome again." :D Sorry!
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  19. filo6942

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    Ok, there are several books, even encyclopedias that explain a c3 plant grows as long as there is light for it to do so! I thought this was common knowledge, most plants on earth are c3.

    Lets not forget where most of our country gets a HUGE ammount of its fruits and veggies from. Same place where the sun and calm weather allow for long days of growth. (San Juaquin Valley, CALIFORNIA)

    If you want to grow tall, skinnier plants, then turn the lights off in veg.

    I had to turn my lights off a couple times, but only because of heat, and since I added a fan so I can run the lights 24-0!!:stoned:
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  20. Italiano715

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    Not to argue, but you said ^^^^ and you said long days, which suggests there is still a night period. :D

    Sorry, I'm reallllllllly :stoned: and I couldn't help myself!

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