Is 85°f too hot?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sOcK3y3, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. sOcK3y3

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    Near the end of 12hours of light my Hydrohut gets to about 85 degrees at its peak at the level of the soil. I use the back of my hand and it does not feel hot.

    I have an air cooled reflector with 80cfm pushing the heat from the lamp out the back. I have a passive intake system by using a 147cfm canfan and carbonefilter with one mini fan aiming over the top of all the plants, and one large fan at the window blowing fresh air towards the hut.

    THe only thing I lack is a squirrel cage fan to push in more cool air.

    Most of the time the temperature is around 79° or 80°. I am watering every day, but not too much.

    Any advice?
  2. bejay

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    85 is not to hot if it never really gets any warmer than that you should be fine, but you might want to check the tempurature higher up closer to the plant canopy instead of at the soil.
    what size light are you using?
  3. If 85 is your peak, I think you'll be ok. Try to keep improving that. Are they dry when you water?
    If they are not, you should water less frequently and use more water. Good Luck!!!
  4. the image reaper

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    they say 75 degrees F is best for growth ... unfortunately, my cabinet is always around 85 degrees, regardless of my fans ... but, whenever I feel sorry for the plants, I remind myself they would be 100+ if they were outdoors ... God only knows how hot it gets in Central and South America, but I bet it's a helluva lot hotter than 75 F ... keep lots of airflow over the canopy, do your best to get the heat out, that's all you can do ... :smokin:
  5. razzapiggy

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    Anything past 87 degrees and they don't conduct photosynthesis as well as they are trying to re-coup from the heat they didn't enjoy, but like another poster said... they do just fine outdoors when the temps go over 100 degrees sometimes.

    I shoot to keep things under 85, you should try to as well. Also, don't test the temps from the soil, test it from your canopy... this is what's really important... how warm is it near the tops of the plants. If you have super tall plants you could realize that the temps are indeed peaking at over 90 in the canopy while they are 85 in the soil so it's important to remember to check the canopy.

    Maybe try a small fan blowing air across your hoods? I nkow you are air cooled but alot of the time just moving air right underneath the glass of your lamp will cool it down a tad. Good luck.
  6. khronik

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    My grow area goes over 100 all the time, and my plant is just fine. Cannabis is not very fussy, and it will tolerate a lot of variation in its environment as long as things don't change too suddenly.

    Also, giving your plants lots of dirt and keeping it well-watered will help your plants grow in a hot environment. But 85 degrees doesn't fall into that category.
  7. razzapiggy

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    People definitely run temps like that without question, but it is effecting your yield without question so always running ideas through your head of how to bring your temps down somewhat easily would be a good idea.

    I noticed a serious serious stunting of my plants when my temps rose to about 100, I installed an A\C unit which was really cheap but runs up on my electricity bill relatively nicely. In the end, I think it's worth running a nice window a\c unit.
  8. Sleepyhead1

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    85 in my opnion is fine jus like other say jus dont let it climb much higher or you'll run into problems and jus make sue that the 85 isnt just sittin air its being moved around
  9. sublbc

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    Yeah well I have seen on many occasions that any temps that consistantly reach over 95-100 will decimate your grow without question. Myself and others have seen this first hand.

    I now have a 12,500 BTU AC unit assisted with a high velocity fan. Problem solved.
  10. RhinoGrowUK

    RhinoGrowUK Banned

    I have 2 fans running , 1 blowing directly on the 'bulb' the other across the tops of the plants , this keeps my temp at roughly 85f with the door ajar slightly,

    But when i close the door temps stay at just under 100f , im stuck for what to do !!

    If i leave the door open im losing vauluable light , if i close it im raising the heat !!

    Wot a bastard !!

    SMOKEnCHOKE Registered+

    I think the main reason people dislike temps that high is because of mold/fungi. I know that's why I do. I hate that shit!

  12. ismokealldaylong420

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    my closet is around 75 but at the plant canopy it hovers around 80 to 90 and it just slows the growth rate but im growing a sativa right now so it takes forever anyways
  13. stinkyattic

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    high temps slow growth, stress plants, produce herms, supress the plant's immune system, and destroy chlorophyll...
    Anyone who seriously believes it's okay to go above 85 without CO2 is simply WRONG. Sorry, there's no other way to say it.
  14. BeforeYourTime

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    Ye try to stay around 70-80 @ canopy.
  15. khronik

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    Even you would have to admit that while it may not be ideal, growing in a high-temperature environment can be done successfully. Hell, I've got pictures if you don't believe me. Not a single hermie flower, and my plant would yield at least a couple ounces if I cut it now, at six weeks of flowering. The heat tolerance of cannabis plants isn't the same for every grow either, and depends on strain, humidity, growing medium, etc.

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