Is Aluminum Foil bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Smokin EnDo, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Smokin EnDo

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    Is aluminum foil bad even if you only use it like twice a month tops? i always use some aluminum foil for a nice gravity bong but never on custom pipes. I was wondering if it would be bad to put it on a homemade bong and use it as the bowl or should i find a better bowl?
  2. aluminum and copper are both bad to smoke out of...if at all avoidable you should avoid them, but aluminum won't kill you....
  3. rollinKansas

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    id say twice a month is fine, ive owned several several pieces and still ive prob smoked out of tinfoil the most! i dont have alzheimers so u hsould be ok>just dont make it a habit!
  4. Seag420

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    corse u dont have alzheimers, it takes years to develop. tinfoil is designed for sealing heat in, not burning, its metal for gods sake, you wanna smoke metal?
  5. Satan666

    Satan666 Registered+

    In general : Yes
  6. OatWillies420

    OatWillies420 Registered+

    Does anyone have any concrete evidence? Studies, etc...

    It's not that I doubt it, but I'd like to know just how bad it is for you...
  7. Seag420

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    like i said, its metal. smoking any plant material is bad for yer lungs, so think of the damage metalic fumes are going to do to yer lungs. also it ruins the taste of the herb
  8. 50BagOfGreens

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    use the top of a metal salt shaker for a bowl. thats what i did and it works incrediblely good
  9. 420purplehaze420

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  10. UnViaje

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    yes, all i know is i'm sure i'll be like ozzy when i'm older
  11. Garden Knowm

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    use an apple

    : )
  12. OatWillies420

    OatWillies420 Registered+

    All screens and some pipes / bowls are made of metal... it can't be THAT bad...
  13. DiLoS

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    Aluminum is generally bad for you because I've read that it can credit to having Alzheimer's, but I'm guessing you don't smoke out of aluminum bowls all the time so I wouldn't worry. I usually only use aluminum for buckets and lungs only.
  14. Sentinel

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    i smoke mad amounts of aluminum everyday
  15. aparadis

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    Just get some dude to buy a piece for you. I love helping out my fellow stoners when they need anything, cept mabye my last bowl.
  16. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison Registered+

    aluminum sucks ive only used it a few times as a screen for my glass pipe to smoke salvia extract cause the leaves were so fine and you can see flaming bits of aluminum breaking off and going into your lungs
  17. STDzRus

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    I can't stress this enough.


    It CAN be bad for you and please read ALL OF THIS to understand.

    NO STUDY has proven that aluminum foil can potentially harm you through cooking, heating, or using as a heat conduit. ALTHOUGH, if you heat aluminum foil to the point that it begins to evaporate and burn, the FUMES FROM THAT CAN HURT YOU.

    Now, for bud usage.

    Do you hold your flame on the bowl for 25-30 second? Do you use a torch lighter for 5-10 seconds? Do you start a big bonfire and hold your aluminum foil boil over the fire for the duration of the session?

    Do you get black tar like smoke arising from your bowl when heating?

    NONE OF THOSE SYMPTOMS = a nice safe happy smoking session.
  18. hobbesandcalvin11

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  19. DiLoS

    DiLoS Registered+

    Thanks for clearin that up stdz. Now I won't be worried about my lungs getting fucked or having more of a chance of getting Alzheimer's.
  20. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    THANK YOU STDzRus. God now I can get the fucking copper screen out of my home made bong and put an aluminum one in...*thinks*...Holy shit! I have screens on my windows! Those could be cut and fit!...

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