Is Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank .com legit?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Macman9290, Aug 27, 2010.

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    You got ripped off!

    No, they are not legit. AMS does not know how to ship safely and when asked they said it's not possible to change or improve. F them!

  4. Macman9290

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    They gotta make their site look all nice lol. Yeah i tried researching but amerstdam marijuana seed bank was kind of vague lol. Thnx for the opinions
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    I ordered from them before (the site looks way different now)
    The seeds arrived in a card (looks like some kind of get well card from Holland.
    I ordered Misty, and those 10 seeds were in a baggie labeled 'M'. the 20 free seeds (which was the shittiest weed I have ever smoked) was in another unlabeled baggie.

    So, yeah, they are (or were at least) legit. But I have since learned there's way better seed banks out there.

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