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Discussion in 'Arizona (AZ)' started by kittyb2007, Sep 11, 2015.

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    So, I just moved to Flagstaff AZ and I'm looking for 'friends', but every person that asked acts like it's some big secret. They either seem offended or act completely stupid! I just want to chill, no big deal. Any suggestions?
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    Try around NAU, you might have better luck with the college kids
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    Welcome caccaca. I hope you're having a nice day where ever you are. We have to be extra nice to spammers as Shovelhandle once got a first/last warning for teasing a spammer like yourself. The idiot milk monitor didn't like it. Then he copy/pasted a post that was directed to him by a troll to Emilya. She thought it was so darn funny when Shov got the vulgar message but not when I pasted it to her. So for that Shovelhandle got canned and many years of grow logs and photos are in limbo.
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    Caccaca, no one is going to respond to your "friendly" message by offering you pot. It still is illegal in many places and cops like to use this ploy to entrap stupid people. It is not that we are not friendly, it is that we MUST remain safe and can not respond to such a request. I am friendly as the next person, but I do not offer anything to anyone that I do not know, especially online. Regarding the new part of the shovel who commented above, I am glad to see certain people trying to be nicer, but I can see how difficult it is to do so. New people who sound just like our old friend and who likes to call members of management ugly names, seem to want to keep dredging up the past. Shove attacked me, a fine upstanding woman, in a vulgar way on this forum, an action that in the past would have drawn an instant ban, and for his efforts he won a prize. Perm ban is too much of a response for what happened though in my humble opinion, only because he was long time and respected contributor to this forum, and I ask the present management to allow him to come back at some point with the warning that future personal attacks will not be allowed.
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