is it bad to smoke from something made of brass?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by chrischrichrchc, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. chrischrichrchc

    chrischrichrchc Registered

    I recently made a piece where the actual bowl part of it is made from this brass thing i got at a hardware store. i wasn't sure though if it's ok to smoke out of brass. does anyone know what kinds of metal are or are not safe to smoke from?
  2. Blunt420

    Blunt420 Registered+

    hmmm, I don't know for sure, but I'm Guessing it would be alright. But im not sure!
  3. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    it is, glass is the only thing you can smoke out of to where the only thing your smoking is the herb, most everything else lets off harmful chemicals
  4. Blunt420

    Blunt420 Registered+

    See, told you I wasnt sure :) . I didnt know glass is the only thing you can smoke out of to where the only thing your smoking is the herb. Well I preffer glass anyway
  5. opiuser

    opiuser Registered+

    the only things you shouldnt smoke out of are aluminum foil and metals coated in chrome or paint etc.

    i think ur in the clear
  6. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    make sure there is no rust, you can smoke rust, and it does it get you sick...

  7. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    rust just generally isnt good
  8. holysmokin

    holysmokin Registered+

    Brass dosent rust! And glass is not the only safe thing to smoke from. The only metals you want to stay away from are the "Soft" metals like aluminum, brass, tin anything with a low burning temp. If glass was the only safe thing to smoke from then smoke shops wouldnt be filled with pipes made from steel,wood, rock and soap stone. Peace
  9. CocaoAtros420

    CocaoAtros420 Registered+

    As far as any of us know (=nill) only the best materials like stainless steel (NOT CHROME PLATED "Stainless"), glass, titanium, and annodized* aluminum should be considered safe for use smoking devices. Plus its better to make a piece out of 100% safe materials then "hoping" the shit doesnt get hot enough to poison you. Also brass contains high concentrations of LEAD, COPPER, and TIN which all have low melting points and there for release poisonous ions at even lower temperatures. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIT AND DONT SUGGEST IT EITHER! Not even iron or mild steel should be used.

    *annodized aluminum has been electroplated with a protective coating that prevents it from releasing toxic ions so you really shouldnt scrape it

    It is very difficult to walk the razor's edge with a blind fold.
    Be safe for your own sake.
  10. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    brass is okay, copper isnt
  11. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    i have brass screen in my metal bowl. is that safe?
  12. eetmiefuk

    eetmiefuk Registered+

    i have been smoking through brass screens for more than a year and I am not dead so, i think you're good.
  13. CocaoAtros420

    CocaoAtros420 Registered+

    better to be safe than cancerous
  14. chrischrichrchc

    chrischrichrchc Registered

    Heh there seems to be quite a bit of mixed answers, but yeah I think I'll just play it safe and not use the brass. I just enjoy taking random stuff and turning into a piece, and it just so happens that this brass thing i found makes a perfect bowl, but oh well. I'm starting college soon and they have a glass blowing class. Maybe I'll sign up for that :)

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