Is it necessary to use 2700 K for sexing a plant ?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Buds Buddy, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm attempting to determine sex of my plants from a cutting. I've never done this before. About 4 days ago I took cuttings from my plants & put each one in a plastic cup in about 1" of water & put my lights on a 12 / 12 cycle. However, I did not change bulbs from 6500 K to 2700 K. Will they flower under 6500 K on a 12 / 12 cycle or does it have to be 2700 K ? I'm not planning to keep the cuttings. Just want to determine sex prior to final up-pot for flower. Don't want to waste time transplanting males.
    Also...are these cups suppose to have lids on them like when you clone ? Mine do not have any kind of lid on them. The Tent is 92 degrees & 65% R.H. with 1 - 2' (4-Bulb) T-5 & 4 - corner / side mounted 85 watt 6500 K CFL's. This is the tent I use as a seedling starter & that's why I have the 6500 K bulbs in it.
    Sure hope the 6500 K will work because I don't have enough light fixtures to run a bunch of 23 watt 2700 K CFL's. I do have the bulbs...just not enough fixtures.
    Please let me know. Thanks
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    You should be ok.
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