Is it possible for me to pass?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Haha1091, Apr 13, 2009.

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    I recently went for a job interview, and did fairly well. A few days later I received some papers for drug testing. My test is in three days, and I am really nervous. I smoke on a regular basis, usually every day and have been for about two years now. What is my probability of passing my drug test with dilution? Today would technically be my first day of not smoking. If it is possible, can someone give me some tips on dilution?

    Thanks a lot
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    My quick story:
    Smoked 1.7 grams on a saturday night. Didn't smoke anymore for 7 days. That next saturday, I drank a gallon of water in the morning and took a Niacin tablet....I passed with flying colors :stoned:

    Drinking a gal. of water is enough to make your urine so diluted that it is just basically water. Add niacin for a rich yellow color and hand in that piss.

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    Your best bet if you really want this job is to sub with synthetic urine. A lot of people here use Quickfix.
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    Sorry for being a noob, but where can I find quickfix? Random "record" stores, or is it available to purchase online? Does anyone know a reputable online seller?
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    My advice is also to sub. I couldn't pass with dilution, even after 14 days! (I started getting a faint line after 3 weeks). This differs with your metabolism, but I'm always skeptical of heavy smokers and only a few days abstinence.

    Google "Quick Fix synthetic urine" on Google for possible online sellers. Call your local head shops and ask which brand of synthetic urine they carry.

    Then you need to practice keeping the temp at 94-98 degrees... Post back if you need some help, or just do a search on this forum. We have explained it 100+ times, I'm sure!

    Best of luck.
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