Is it possible to be immune to THC..?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by reeferaddict69, Aug 5, 2007.

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    I actually posted about this last night but my post contained other non-cannabis psychotropics so it got deleted:(. My post was basically about how I think I may never have actually got "high" before. But rather the effects I was feeling was actually from CBD(a suttle mellowed out feeling). I only got those effects from smoking the leaves(I hear CBD is much more concentrated in the leaves). I haven't smoked for 7 months for reasons I won't go into detail about. My experiences of mixing cannabis with other psychotropics was that it intensified the effects of the experiences so I know cannabis affects me in some fashion. Maybe that was the CBD intensifying the effects again? I'm not really sure. I hope I worded this post correctly so that it doesn't get deleted again:)
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    it is possible man... but i doubt that is your case... smoke more/different weed... i have yet to meet a person who diidn't get high... a few that it would knock em out like ambien, and a couple who were ligitimately allergic to weed, or smoke in general
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    I tried a grav bong once and I felt a rush for a couple seconds. Maybe I have slowly been activating my cannabinoid receptors. Maybe when I start smoking again I should get some bomb ass weed and keep hitting off a grav bong and hopefully get high. Any ideas as to how when I can start smoking again I should approach getting high. Like should I try something specifically that should definately get me high. A grav bong..brownies..etc..I actually tried firecrackers once and it got my eyes bloodshot but still no real noticable effects. So edibles prolly wouldn't be the way to go for me..I dunno i'm kinda rambling so i'll stop now.
  4. HighTillIDie

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    man, smoke a blunt to yourself... as long as it isn't doodoo brown shit, and the blunt is fat.... you SHOULD get high
  5. sometimes it takes people a few times to finally get the effect... i can't remember the words to describe it but i know why...

    but in simple terms basicly your brain isn't always set up to instantly accept the cannabiniods, therefore you stay sober..

    i've heard of people having to smoke up to 9 times or so before finally getting high (and they did nothing diffrent nor change the grade of bud from the prior 8...)

    have you EVER smoke bud by it's self (not leaves) and got an effect?
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    Not to sound like an asshole because you seem to know your stuff, but are you sure you're inhaling correctly? The first 5-6 times I ever smoked I wasn't able to really get that high because I didn't understand how to inhale and was too embarrassed at the time to ask anyone. The first time I smoked I did get high though, I took a shotgun off a blunt the first time I smoked and let me tell you, I coughed for like 20 minutes straight and thought I was gonna die! Try having someone give you a shotgun or try baking brownies...
  7. i'd say it's quite obvious he does, as he said he gets an effect from smoking the leaves themself, just not from bud.....
  8. Johnny McPotSmoker

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    I smoked 2-3 times a week for quite a few months (2-3) before I actually got really high.. My first few times I was mellow but eventually I started reacting to it more.. now I can get retarded :)
  9. IanCurtisWishlist

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    you need to inhale the smoke deep into your lungs. some people who are novice tokers don't know that it's unacceptable to just simply hold the smoke in your mouth and then blow it out. you need to inhale it deeply and then exhale.

    the THC will build up in your blood and eventually cross the blood/brain barrier, bind at the THC receptor site, and cause a chain reaction in the brain which results in the high.

    There are several psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid is responsible for the "downer" effect of weed (more commonly associated with indica strains, as there is a higher ratio of CANNABINOID to THC). Cannabinoid is a muscle relaxant which is why it mellows you out, but doesn't get you "high" , per se. this is why when you smoke "red bud" , you might get a headache or just get sleepy. It's interesting, and worth to mention, that when you expose weed (thc) to light, it degrades to cannabinoid. Red Bud, or mexican brick weed, is oftentimes dried in the sun. Hence, most of the THC degrades to cannabinoid which is why red bud is total absolute shit most of the time!

    lastly, if you want to be really high off of pot, bake it into peanut butter and spread it on a cracker (called a firecracker). Generally , eating pot makes it stronger because the THC-9 is metabolized in the liver after being absorbed in the GI tract. The liver has an enzyme which converts the THC-9 (regular THC that gets u high when u smoke) to a different form of THC, making it much more stronger.

    If you have some grain alcohol (everclear, 180 proof of anything), you can soke your chronic in the alcohol and make a tincture of cannabis. drop it on your tongue to your liking and kiss your current state of mind goodbye as you drift away on a cloud of happyness and a drugged-out stupor :)

  10. Blindman0v0

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    I've known people who have an intollerance for thc.It takes quite a few times of toking before it hits you.I had the same problem with sallyd
  11. MadSativa

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    It is possible but I have yet to see it.
  12. reeferaddict69

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    I have actually smoked countless times with my friends who actually deal and they have fucking chronic ass weed. I'm sure i'm smoking correctly because my friend has a hookah and I know how to push the smoke down into my lungs and get a nicotine buzz. So i'm wondering what other reasons there might be. Oh and as I mentioned earlier I tried brownies and firecrackers and they sadly didn't work at all. My eyes got hella red though..(The brownies were from my friends who fucking passed out from eating them and I didn't feel a damn thing).
  13. mrdank420420420

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    yeah man i have been blazing for a long time now and i do get very high but the first like 5 times i smoked i never got high, just an altered state of being but i did not feel high at all so just blaze a lot and like the other guy said different types of weed. also u could try to ingest it ya know like cookies or brownies or fire crackers or somthing. just a thought:Rasta:
  14. GraziLovesMary

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    And by "Cannibinoid" you are referring to Cannabinidiol. Cannabinol and Delta-9 TetraHydraCannabinol being the others. Cannibinoid is a term that refers to all chemicals that share certain structural properties that enable them to fit in the CB (or cannibinoid) receptors in the brain. Not all cannibinoids are psychoactive, though, and there are several cannibinoids that the brain produces on its own.
  15. sg_snip3r

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    yea man just keep smoking you WILL get high. the first time i ever did it i got sort of high. the next 3-4 times i only got sort of high as well.. but then this one time I smoked and i was amazingly high! now everytime i get amazingly high too! once u get it ur first time you should be set. just make sure to inhale which im sure you know how to do and make sure to keep the smoke in for a couple seconds as well. that definetly helps the THC enter your body. i usually keep the smoke in until its my turn to smoke again, or for 10 seconds. i dont know if you need to keep it in for that long but its just what i do. well i hope my advice helps you! good luck! :jointsmile:
  16. cbdrich

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    I think I'm immune

    I vaped about 6 times & just got a sore throat. The first night it made me sleepy ( what I wanted to happen), the second night I got a little sleepy, after that absolutely no effects. I never got a buzz.

    Then I tried 3 different tinctures, one made by a person who also had insomnia. None of them had any effect. My face flushed a bit from the alcohol.

    Maybe some people don't have CB1 & CB2 receptors or very few.

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