Is it safe to bring marijuana foodstuffs on an airplane?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by californianmatt, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. californianmatt

    californianmatt Registered

    Ok, my question is basically this:
    I know its probably not advisable to ever bring anything with marijuana on board an airplane because of the drug-sniffing dogs and xrays and stuff.
    But I was wondering, are baked goods that made with marijuana butter (cookies, brownies, etc) any less detectable than just plain weed?
    Do they still smell like weed?
    Can drug-sniffing dogs detect them?
  2. Tholiak

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    why even chance taking that stuff on a plane, Once you step foot on a airplane with Weed Its called Trafficking
  3. californianmatt

    californianmatt Registered

    clarification of the foodstuff question


    so i understand it's never wise to take it on an airplane.

    that aside, you didn't really answer the main jist of my question, which is:

    can drug-sniffing dogs and other marijuana detection methods still detect it when its baked into cookies or brownies or what have you?
  4. Lulu

    Lulu Registered+

    in a word - YES
  5. lemonboy

    lemonboy Registered+

    They can? I would like to see more info on that.

    I understand that baked goods currently exist in a gray area because most law enforcement offices don't have the technology to measure the THC contained within.

    "Those dogs... they can smell anything. That's why you've gotta kick them in the throat!" --Err of The Mooninites
  6. scooterjay

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    have not flown post 9/11 but the days before i flew quite a bit while "packing". easiest thing to do is roll joints and put into cigarette pack. if anything looks bogus....sniffing dogs, etc. you can easily ditch the pack, or eat the doobies. i flew to nashville, tn in april 2002 with a 1/4 oz. in the breastpocket of my jacket. flew out of a small airport (florence, sc) to atlanta (of course) then on to nashville. made a boring week at a pulp and paper safety conference more tolerable. "hey, we are going out to eat and have a few drinks, wanna come?"......"nah, i'm kinda tired. i believe i'll sit here and write in my journal". heh heh.
  7. hipEstoner

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  8. hipEstoner

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    they can really smell it?hwat if you used peper to distract their sense of smell
  9. Aristotle

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    Just had to point that out. But this guy's technique seems pretty safe. Just don't be stupid about it.
  10. Stoner Shadow Wolf

    Stoner Shadow Wolf Registered+

    even if they do smell it, they are going after baked goods, they must be hungry dogs? i mean, are they trained specifically not to care about food scents?

    how on earth can you do that to a dog? :( that's cruel!

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