Is it safe to call to ask if a job drug tests?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by GonzoForever, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. GonzoForever

    GonzoForever Registered+

    Is it....

    I'm trying to get a job...and Walgreens applications asked If I was willing to take one...

    So I'm assuming they do test.....but I'm not sure.
  2. deadfan420

    deadfan420 Registered+

    You should call anonymously. sometimes they say they drug test go scare people off, but they never end up doing it. i worked at a store that had the same thing, but they only drug tested if you got injured or something on the job.
  3. Not An Addict

    Not An Addict Registered+

    I know certain places, like Sports Chalet (sp?), drugs test every 1 in 5 applicants.
  4. chantoke

    chantoke Banned

    definitely don't ask at the interview.

    if it's a more upscale job, you can ask if their medical benefits cover an annual physical exams and blood/urine checks.

    another thing is to ask them if they need a doctor to sign off that you have no medical conditions, psychiatric issues, or drug problems that would limit your work when you're coming in as a new employee.

    i did the second one for my last job, and it went over fine.

    their response might also depend on the 'vibe' you give them, what job its for, and whether or not the manager/boss is an a-hole

    definitely don't ask about it at the interview :)
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  5. CantSeeMyLittleEyes

    CantSeeMyLittleEyes Registered

    Walgreens almost definitely does, one of my best friends works there and she got tested, and a few months later her friend applied and got tested too.
  6. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Look for a job with a small to medium size business, they are less likely to drug test than a big-name corporation.

    It wouldn't hurt to make a call, but I doubt HR would release accurate information. I'm learning working in the field, that what they say, and what they do are two different things!

    Plus in most company handbooks, most companies say they do random testing, perhaps they do, perhaps they don't, but only those employees on a need-to-know basis have that kind of information.
  7. geekedupgirl

    geekedupgirl Registered

    Yes! Walgreens does drug test. In fact, I've failed one in my lifetime! So yeah, might wanna get ready for a high-tech lab situation. Don't count on diluting. SUBSTITUTE for the love of God. Just don't risk it. Good luck!
  8. mikeo14

    mikeo14 Banned

    naw, dont ask em! just be all cool about it, and when they say they are going to do one then you can worry about it. :Rasta:
  9. nightlight

    nightlight Banned

    I have asked employees at the store, like cashiers if the place drug tests and most of the time you can get a straight answer.
  10. dopefiend

    dopefiend Registered+

    i recently was hired but they havent said anything about a drug test. i got an interview and have filled out a w4 so im guessing they wont test when i go in the first day. im just wondering if there is a chance that they might test me on my first day on the job. thanks guys:thumbsup:
  11. jdon

    jdon Registered+

    They might...'s been years since I worked retail but I have heard in the past that some places bring you in the first day and throw a test at you. Play it safe, go to your friendly neighborhood head shop and pick up some Quick Fix. Also available online.
  12. dopefiend

    dopefiend Registered+

    the reason i was askin was i was thinkin of smokin a few days before work, ive been clean for almost 2 months. ill prolly just wait till after the first day cuz i dont wanna risk it
  13. Thisbuds4U

    Thisbuds4U Registered

    Oh Yeah.........

    Walgreens does drug test. Hell almost every place does anymore! Yes even though you did fill out the W-4, they still might want you to pee in a test-tube on the first day of work! After that you should not have to take one unless you get hurt at work.
    I am so sick of these drug tests for marijuana. They don't test for alcohol but with pot, hell yeah your outta here! How sad and pathetic the USofA has come. I remember a time not even having to worry about a drug test to get a job. I guess I am showing my age here! It wasn't that long ago either! Oh how I long for the days of old again!
  14. Zwitter

    Zwitter Registered+

    What worked for me was, when Radio Shack was hiring, I noticed that "Proud To Be A Drug Free Workplace" was sprawled all over their legal paperwork in bold cursive, so I asked, nonchalantly, "So, if I were to be tested, do I need to pay for it? I know they can get pretty expensive."

    My boss was like, "Oh, when we test you, you won't have to pay. We'll take care of it when your criminal background check clears."

    Gulp. So, Radio Shack does it for sure. I'm prepared to substitute in the near future when they call.

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