is it true sugar makes buds fatter?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by redrosesforabluelady, Aug 30, 2006.

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    I'm with M.G. on this. All of the top growers I know DO NOT use sugar in the way suggested in this thread. Ed Rosenthal, George Cervantes have written quite a few growing books and nowhere in any of them are they recommending the use of sugar in the way suggested here. I've also been a regular on Overgrow, especially the growing threads, and this subject never came up in the 4 years or so I was there.
    However, as I said previously, I am open to new ideas. Smoky, could you please supply some net or book references where the use of sugar to aid marijuana plant development is specifically mentioned ? Thanks buddy and peace to all here. I'm not interested in a pissing contest either but I am interested in accurate information for people who use these boards.
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    i've read on another forum about some experienced growers flushing with molasses dissolved in water a few days before harvesting but that was for taste rather than improved yield.
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    There's a whole shitload of folklore out there about flushing. First of all, you DO NOT flush plants growing in the ground. You DO flush plants either in pots or grown hydroponically. Its very simple. Use plain ordinary water about 10 days or so before harvest. But if you want to spend money, then be my guest. You can find a myriad of products for good bucks on the web. Using H2o will give you a smooth smoke afterwards, providing of course that you dry and cure properly.
    There is a molasses product around which claims to 'sweeten' the buds. I don't believe it.
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    you guys are all high i suggest ya stop smokin weed as for you smoky you havent posted any plants on here that look like you know what ur doin ive grown in the emerald triangle for 20 years and know not 1 person that ever watered with sugar whatever if i was all of you i would just stick to whatever your program with growing is and let the other fools try all this other shit thats how ya messup ur plants is when you start listening to foolishness im out
  5. Well you must not have read JORGE Cervantez lastest edition, Page 290.

    Justlovingit420, you have a big mouth my friend, just because I haven't been spamming the boards and interrupting other peoples threads with photos of mine doesn't mean I dont have them. Look through all my posts before you go running your mouth off. But just for you here, and this was just this year, my photos from my grows in the 80's would have blown your little mind.

    Sorry Redrosesforabluelady for polluting your thread.

    Didn't know what I was doing here.

    or here

    not here either

    defiately not here either

    and here either

    I know there not the 6 foot tall plants you have, (as I don't have the backyard option you do) but defiately enough I think to prove I know what I'm doing...
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    like i said you dont what ur talkin about my dick is bigger than those plants hawhen you can grow plants like these then you can tell me wassup

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    i think i started a war lol.... its al lgood smokey.... i mstartin to ge tnervous i dont htink i mgonna even jus twater my plany every da ybecause yesterda ya army helacopter went aroudn m ybackyard 3 times with there door open so imgettin very nervous
  8. redrosesforabluelady

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    those are soem nice planst justloveinit
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    red, whenever i'm confronted with something new i'll check it out (if it sounds reasonable) BUT i would never use it on the entire area. like i said earlier, pick a few away from the main body and use them for your experiments. i would never expose my entire crop to anything outside of 'the book' until i personally know the results. but keep in mind people having been growing for thousands of years and during that time any shortcuts would have been found by now and published...that not only applys here but in all aspects of the grow. there are no guarantees but following 'the book' will most likely give you a harvest worthy of your time and effort and after you have the basics down then start customizing to fit your needs and conditions...

    k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stoner)

    good luck
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    come on now mj is not that hard to grow. u gotta spot in ur backyard where u can tend to ur shit easily and keep them concealed. anything less then that same tired pic u keep showing would be below average.:Rasta:
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    wait..? did u say my plant is below average... im confused i thoug hm yplant was doin great
  12. justlovingit420, I've grown plants over 10 ft tall, you're plants aren't anything special so stop acting like you're doing something nobody has done before. Like I said "my grows from the 80's would have blown your little mind" a field full of plants atleast 8ft tall and no less than 200 plants. but see as you MATURE and go through life you'll realize that things like a family and a nice house are more important than 6 foot tall plants. I grow plants that are concealable as I have children and don't have a fenced in backyard. You really couldn't act anymore childish and petty.

    M.G. what is this 'book' that you keep on refering too, as the 'book' that I'm talking about says to use sugar.
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    i was talking to the asshole
  14. lol Phillykid, glad that its not just me. ;)

    I think this whole thing has gotten outta control and off subject.
    Redrosesforabluelady, you do what you feel is right and whats best for you. You've heard from both sides of the playing field. Maybe you'll try one method this time and one the next. M.G. is right about this:
    "whenever i'm confronted with something new i'll check it out (if it sounds reasonable) BUT i would never use it on the entire area. like i said earlier, pick a few away from the main body and use them for your experiments. i would never expose my entire crop to anything outside of 'the book' until i personally know the results," other than that, well I've already expressed my opinion. Well I hope that you have a successful, happy, SAFE rest of your grow. For the record, the Army isn't the ones that go around looking for cannabis plants. I hope that eases your mind a little bit.
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    yea that does ease it a little do you happen to know what tyhe choppers look like that do look for the plants
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    I pick the sugar side!

    Ok I have to agree with the sugar side lol I had a hard time with my plants and so one day decided it looked dehydrated soo blonde me gave it some gatorade in its water, and the next day they were happy as can be. I learned in other threads thats it was the sugar in the gatorade, well now that my female plant is in budding stage she is well over 9 1/2 ft tall, and got some killer size buds, and from the time it was 1 month old looking sad till now I have giving it gatorade! see attached you will see the last few months of it life stages starting from june to august, and have use gatorade (which contains .................................SUGAR!)
    So Red roses here is proof that sugar is a good thing. I use about 12 oz of gatorade to one gallon of water, oh PS i have never used any sort of nuts either!! just gatorade.:D :thumbsup:

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    Huh, sugar eh? Well, I've never heard anything about using sugar, but nobody, including me, ever said I knew all there was to know. So, I'm gonna try it next grow, although not to excess or anything. Best case, it helps a little. Worst case, probably doesn't do anything noticeable and I'll be out a little sugar. ;)
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    you nee da pk booster to increase brix levels not sugar that is just retarded ahahah
  19. I'd say thats a noticable turn around there Newtoitallgurrl. Nice plant btw. (Where those bud shots at?)
    Well put Jamstigator, I'll think you'll find that it helps alot though.
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    All this foliage and no buds??? Makes me want to run out and make some sugar water...roflmao

    what's up D

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