is it true sugar makes buds fatter?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by redrosesforabluelady, Aug 30, 2006.

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    yea i do agree tha tsuga rworks because i went outside this morning to chekc on my plants and the buds are twice the size no lie i will post pics as soon as i get a chance probobly in a couple days i definitly would suggest adding a spoon full of sugar to your water whe n yo uwater it and if you dont want t belieave it its cool. but it worked for me and newtoitallgurrl who jus tso happens to be horny today lol... peace,brian
  2. well what do you know....But hey, I don't know what I'm doing.
    But Justlovingit420 does,
    Love and Peace Everyone.
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    OK you wanted pics here ya go, a few weeks ago we moved her indoors and put forced her into bloom with 2-150 hps lights, she has been in bloom for about 13 days now. she is loaded with buds:D, lAnd know what the best part of this is?? all you dipshits that talk your shit about other ppls plants and shit, just cracks me up, you read your grow manuals, and bibles, and you put on a front htat for 100 yrs you have been growing and never heard of the sugar thing or your "good book" says nothing about such a thing, It's ok, I know how men don't like it when people that just did something for the first time did it better that you after all your many years of experience lol let alone a GIRL!! now who's ROTLMFAO!!! :p
    P.S>. that was last night and YES, YES I DID GET MINE!! :dance: :D ;)

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    Hey Aaron, just checking to see how your clone is doing? Generally speaking it's rather hard to successfully clone from the flower stage, and looking at your pictures I'd say you're not in flower mode yet so the clone should do just fine. Unfortunately to make the plant flower you need to give it 12 hrs straight of uninterupted darkness (less then the light you'd get from a full moon) for a number of days. This would be a bit of a bitch outdoors, but if you want to force it into flower early you have to figure out a way to do it. But yeah, looking at the pics I'd bet it's still in veg mode. Doesn't really matter though, it's now mid august so as the days get shorter the plant will definately flower. Hopefully I'm wrong and it's already a few weeks into flower, but even if not you'll hopefully get a harvest by the end of October.

    Oh, and gatorade is mostly water with a bit of sugar thrown in. Plants would eat that up (and sugar is very good during the flower stage ). Fizzy watter helps supposedly by getting oxygen to the roots.

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  4. newtoitallgurrl

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    Ya know men always have cool ass cars and or other things to hide the fact that his dick is SMALL, and they way you brag and always show the same damm pic of them plants I just wonder how small you dick really must be!! ROTFLMMFAO!!!
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    Smoky is right on this one. justlovingit420, dude, don't bring childish things like talking about dicks get into something like this. All it does is show your immaturity and it might also reflect how little you actually know about growing. Me and Smoky knew eachother from way back when and I personally saw some of his crops and they where the shit. We got seperated a some years ago and now we live across the country so we don't see each other. Trust the guy man, he knows EXACTLY what he is talking about.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
  6. IneedMONEY

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    great idea with the sugar, makes sense it might aid in nutrients when used in moderation, although a couple of unnamed people in here are a bunch of meatheads

  7. Took the words right outta my mouth.

    Thanks Kush, you know how I used to grow, ;)
  8. redrosesforabluelady

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    i think im going to go ahead and say that newtoitallgurll is fucking awesome lol
    i think i might try the gatorade thign too but jus tthe sugar water is working great
  9. redrosesforabluelady

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    and also i couldnt leave u out smokey your aweosme too it seems you alwyas respond to all m ythreads and help thanks man. peace,brian
  10. Green Love

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    the more sex you get the better off you are
  11. Anytime, Always happy to help, thats what I'm here for. Happy Growing. ;)
  12. redrosesforabluelady

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    WHOOOOO Im i nsuch a great mood i dont know why........ ican twait to get pictures up of my plant now there the best ive ever done
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    oh god heres smokey mc feind here again screwing up the boards.... why dont you lose the attitude you little sucker....... WE ALL KNOW YOURE A EXPERT GROWER AND A EXCELLENT PARALEGAL (OF 15 YEARS I MAY ADD) AND ALL THIS OTHER GOOD STUFF,,,

    look smokey its not the first time ive seen you on here starting shit.......
    you need to quit
  14. so you come on this thread and run your mouth off about something completely of topic and say I'm the one starting shit? Your the one with the attitude problem. I've helped many people on these boards why don't you just run your mouth off on the non-growing threads and leave these to the people with actual growing experience. I've proven myself and what I know. Have a user that has even seen my past grows, so excuse my french, but fuck you, you little punk. Post things relavent to the thread.
  15. And you say I'm the one starting shit! What a joke! Your the one that needs to quit with the attitude. I'll admit that I was too harsh on you in the first thread where we encountered each other but YOU NEED LET IT GO LOUIE!
    And for the record, everything that I've said about myself and my experience is true, not my fault you can't handle it...figures you'd be the only one to come on here and side with that jackass.
  16. ronjohn420

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    look its not that i have the problem... but i always hear you talking shit to people in alot of threads on here..... for example

    okay everyone... i may be wrong for pointing out this man's main flaw

    START QUOTES----------------------------------------------------------
    Originally Posted by smoky mcpot 05 View Post
    I'm sorry for michigan if thats the finest...

    Originally Posted by sharpestoner View Post
    Smokey mc SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fuck dude, you are the biggest wanker on these boards.
    The bud is obviously very good bud and anyone who knows anything about buds or growing can tell you this.
    I bet you've been smoking ass and not bud and this is your way of making yourself feel better.
    Does it make you feel better saying shit to people? You are obviously wrong.

    Originally Posted by sharpestoner View Post
    DE.Db33t- I just got really pissed off because i've seen posts from smokeymcpot in other threads ragging on other peoples weed too. If you have nothing constructive to say..don't say anything!
    What's the point in saying "your weed looks like crap" when obviously it's not. If it was crap weed then fair enough..but it's not! That is some damn good weed and any knowledgeable toker knows that.

    Originally Posted by orangeman View Post
    Suck it ^_^.

    Originally Posted by smoky mcpot 05 View Post
    No, just browsing the legal section and took literally 2 clicks to find a post that supported what I'm saying. I'm not running out of anything, I have 15 years of legal experience that coinsides with what I'm saying, if y'all want to ignore my advice thats fine go right ahead. Sorry for trying to keep a few people out of jail. Really the last I have to say on this subject.

    Originally Posted by Its a Plant View Post
    LMAO smokey mcpotty.

    Why do you even smoke, let alone come here, if you're so damn paranoid?

    You quote one questionable post and think you've proved your point? No one is even sure the whole story on that, so might as well throw that out the window. You seem to be running out of proof that we can get busted just b/c we belong here...hmmm...what's next?

    Originally Posted by smoky mcpot 05 View Post

    Why don't you leave the legal advise for someone who actually knows what there talking about.

    And I do love that song "Ignorance is Bliss" by Les Claypool, but that's beside the point. The point is that you still have one cute sig.

    END QUOTES--------------------------------------------------------


  17. redrosesforabluelady

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    ok mr.ron jon and everyone else im not being a dick but can you please stop with this shit my thread is being fuckin ruined. i started this thread for help and im probobly the youngest one on this thread and im being the most mature. please stop all the off topic stuff i came onto this website for help and to help others with the knowledge that i know so please stop. smokey thanks for your help
  18. Your welcome Redrosesforabluelady, thats what I was trying to say earlier, but when I'm attacked so help me God, I will defend myself.

    ronjohn, sure does look like you have a problem, dragging up shit from the past, talking about something you weren't even involved with, having nothing to say about the topic of this thread, etc, etc. Yea, thats the same tired stuff you posted before. But what about after that? Nothing about how many have said, "thank you Smoky" well I'll tell you its alot more than have said negative things. I'm expressing my opinion, which I'm allowed to do, whether it be good or bad. I tell it like it is, if the buds don't look good to me than I say how I feel. Get over it, review my posts, you'll see alot more positive, helpful posts than 'negative' telling it like it is posts. Enough of polluting this thread. Anything else to say about the matter, make a thread for it...

    Redrosesforabluelady, I'm glad that you saw the results others and myself where talking about. I hope that despite all this pissing and moaning you still value my opinion and understand why I've polluted your thread. Again my apologizes! Once again, your welcome and I'm happy to help and I'm sorry for all this bullshit.
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  19. redrosesforabluelady

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    its all good i wanted your opinion on this. and eveyrone elses opinion im thankfull for also. just for a future reference pleas eno one fuck up my threads again if you guys wanan throw around your words about people dont do it in the "OUTDOOR GROWING" section. thank you,brian
  20. True that, again I can't say I'm sorry enough. Please keep us posted, (even if you have to make a new thread) I'm very interested to see your results.

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