is it true sugar makes buds fatter?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by redrosesforabluelady, Aug 30, 2006.

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    redrosesforabluelady i apologise for going off on your thread eariler.... i just see smoky being a "spectical" of himself in different places and i get mad when he questions peoples knowledge.... and since i caused a disruption, i will make it up by tryin to help you with the research ive done on this topic

    Fertilizers are usually described by their N-P-K ratio. The three numbers represent the amounts of Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), the three most important nutrients for green plants.

    Table sugar is comprised entirely of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. No nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. So, it would make a pretty poor fertilizer.

    It's sort of easy to see how a mistake can be made, considering how we often refer to fertilizer as plant "food."

    A plant's "food" is actually the glucose it makes for itself, using the sun's energy, carbon dioxide from the air, and water.

    If sugar were anywhere near a suitable substitute, then we'd all have gone that way years ago. The people that push this stuff, are those that struggle to grow anything and grasp at straws. Or out of sheer coincidence, they move a plant to better light, and feed it some sugar, and the plant gets healthy and BAM! But the sugar has little to do with the turnaround in actuality. This is why fertilizer R&D departments hire phd's. This stuff has been studied in labs for many years and there just are no big secrets, or mysteries.
    The fertilizer we give it is really more like "vitamins" than "food" Hope this helps.

    have a good one
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    POSTING AGAIN.... couldnt edit the last post........

    smokymcpot ... truce and big buds for us all

    have a god one
  3. I don't think anyone here has said that sugar is a good fertilizer, just a good additive. Its 9 to 7 in favor of using sugar or sugar supplements and the user that created this thread said, "double the size of buds and is the best I've ever done". So I think that speaks for itself.

    Ronjohn, Amen to that! shake on it ;)
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    alright im glad everyone made peace all apologies are accepted sorry if i came off as a dick. and thanks ron jon for that info.but i stil lthink that the sugar does something idk what though and also some users have said gatorade helps as well.. idk but i plan to keep you all posted with updates on how the bud looks .and let me say its a lot better than the last pictures...even though i still think those pics were good too lol,brian
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    redrosesforabluelady...I have sat back and watched this thread spiral downhill and out of control for long enough. This is all I can say to You.

    I think you are off base having positive opinions about sketchy information that could ruin your grow. You have been offered the correct information and advice from the only confirmed experienced grower on this thread (m.g.) and have chosen to ignore it.

    I am not saying that others that posted here don't know what they are doing, but "WE" know (m.g.) He knows what he has been doing for a long time. No offense meant, but I thought someone should steer you straight. good luck, and you are gonna need it, If you continue w/grow methods using substances like gatorade. Peace
    p.s. there are alot of very knowledgable growers here at Cdot, but you have to read quite a bit, to weed them out from the "Bullchitman" peace, again latewood
  6. I think thats horseshit Latewood, what do you mean by "confirmed", because I've had another user on this thread "confirm" my past grows, having seen them in person but I guess thats not enough "confirmation" for you. Not to mention all the photos that I've posted, and they didn't look 'ruined' to me. He's had the same conditions as before he used sugar and the plant turned around right after using sugar. So how do you explain this? I'll make it easy for you, SUGAR! Redrosesforabluelady, I hope your realize that just because a moderator says it doesn't mean its not "Bullchitman". Go ahead and ban me latewood, I don't want to be apart of a community with moderators like yourself that are on a power trip, we all know how Germans get on power trips, ;) So heres page 290 in Marijuana Horticuture the Medical Grower's Bible. Also I thought I'd leave you with this, Strike another one up for latewood, another user and bad reputation for What a great moderator :cool:


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    Smokey, I have to throw something in here ... yes, you seem to be an experienced grower, and an intelligent person ... unfortunately, your head is too big for your hat sometimes ... because you know a LOT, does not mean you know EVERYTHING ... I have run across a couple of erroneous statements by you, but unlike you, I did not have the uncontrollable urge to tell someone they don't know what they're talking about ... you can be a big help here, but you'd be a bigger help, if you'd just lighten up ... maybe you should go smoke some of that herb you've grown ... just chill ... :smokin:
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    Well, we took a vote...smoky, you let your mouth over load your butt, and we have had all the 'chitman' we can take...see ya...

    p.s. by your request. this is for your verbal assault on other members.
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    well I think that it will just be crappy if you ban someone for just stating a opinion, I think it was just a matter of not feeling respected as a mod. Latewood you have not exactly been the kindest person as well, I have read alot of your postings being just as ignorant as the next person. Hell if all it takes was to stat your opinion wether it was liked or not then a hell of a lot of ppl should need to be banned. I mean isnt that what this site is for giveing opinions and helpful info, not one person in here is the god of growing cannabis! everyone here had to start form one place or another, yes many have had great results,but hey if someone wants to try something they heard, then let them, I mean I just felt sorry for my plant and knew gatorade made me fell better when I was dehydrated so why not a plant, I had no idea it was the sugar in the drink. Call me a dumb blone but it helped! who knows it could turn out to be shit weed or be the sweetest/orangest tasting stuff I have ever smoked. If it does the job then yes I will always back the sugar in the water, so sorry you probably got pissed for feeling lack of respect from smokey, as I saw in many threads you two bumped heads alot, but he shouldnt be kicked off for his opinions. Loved ya till ya made me not love ya LATER PEACE;)
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    This was a team decision, and this isn't overgrow...So don't think the Moderators here are going to put up with any crap!
    Now you stated, that we have bumped heads before...Yeah I called him for being a jerk maybe once. and I have only replied to 2-3 threads that SMc was involved with. So you don't know what you are talking about.
    I will re-iterate that I have never gone to any site and gotten into a pissing contest with the Mod team and I don't understand why any of you think you can do it here. It's not gonna happen.
    On another note...I am not here to win your approval. I am here because I was appointed as a knowledgable & more than helpful member of the cultivation forums. So I advise you to mind your business and enjoy all the "Free" info and enjoyable features here at Cdot and stay out of Administration business. the choice is yours.
    And In closing I don't care if you like me or not...that is your problem.

    As m.g. said go ahead and keep using gatorade...evidently you have no desire to learn from known experts here. peace good luck with your grow. latewood


    Smoky mcpot 05
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    Smoky told me that he appreciates your words newtoitallgurrl. He's glad that someone else sees his point. Latewood I just think its ironic that you didn't ban smoky until he said something about you. So what do you have to say about the page smoky posted before he left? Do you not consider Jorge Cervantes a expert? Anyway, I hope we can all learn to get along and respect others opinions wither they be a moderator or not.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
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    It was not intended to get into what you mods do, but I thought this was about cannabis growing and helpful tip on the subject not about outher "harmful drugs" I have learned alot in this site especially for my hydro girls, and so there if someone was to accuse me of using something harmful to them such as he was this is all about growing and helping US new ppl that are trying to do this, I am a Registered medical user and do appreciate the "free" advise and knowledge of others but as I stated before if its shit then I learned from my own mistakes not the help of others here, It is one plant that I put a seed in dirt and it grew, but I do not see the big Idea about why so many ppl in this thread jumped on the opportunity to bring others down in what they have tried, and maybe the mods need to set rules about putting others down, telling them they are retarded or what have you, take it like this you gave ur 2 cents and that was it, I saw many ppl in this thread keep up with a as you called it a PISSING CONTEST and for your info this here that I state my OPINION if smokey got banned for his verbale abuse then read back on this thread and see all the FU'S and BS that was put in on this thread, and as for the input from M.G. all he stated was gumm up and bugs, nothing about buds not getting bigger nor killing your plants. so to be honest I dont know why all the BS in this subject any how.
    PS I like everyone, I just don't like when some ppl that do the same as other get the boot and not them. and your right this is not a who can pee farther than others site to begin with and if I felt my gatorade which contained SUGAR helped my plant out the so be it. But you were right in the mix of takling crap and being just a immature as others. and that my friend IS MY OPINION! lotsa love to ya, my plant has lots of greenery and it also has ALOT of BUDS growing, so there;)

    " latewood

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    All this foliage and no buds??? Makes me want to run out and make some sugar water...roflmao"
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    We can joke too...I wasn't being immature, I was stating the truth. I never posted any FU's. telling me "so there" is real immature. Since you bring up maturity. What a copout!

    When a mod warns you; you better move on. simple as that. smoky didn't, he was obnoxious to people, and I was going to ban him last night, but I asked the team what they thought 1st...that is why it was after his reponse today.

    kush07...I knew you would respond...Know why??? You have 2 of the exact same IP's as smoky, and we are investigating if you are the same far other mods seem to think so. If you find yourself banned it will be for that reason.

    I hope all your plants come out great. And m.g. was telling you he thought that was a bad thing to between the lines, Duh

    I'm done with the childness. if you want to enjoy yourself here move on...this is all the time I plan on taking away from my other duties here. BTW...I haven't banned 1/10 the people other Mods here have. If you research alot of controversial posts, you will find I lean more towards freedom of speech. So get your facts straight people or we will give you a vacation too!

    When you start naming me in every response, I take that as a personal attack...a banning offense. peace
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    well i think eveyrone will stop now after someone got banned so yea i put up pictures of how my plant is doin now in a new thread cause this onw went way teh fuck downhill... and i decided to stop using sugar and just experiment on 4 plants inside everyoen chekc out my new thread and tell em what you think
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    It doesn't suprise me that we have the same IP's because I am visiting him. I know I am not the same person. If posting from the same IP makes you worthy of a ban I would have liked to had some forewarning about it. If you think I am the same person then so be it. If this is some scare tactic then I find it quite low. Keep it calm and grow happy.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
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    cant we all just get along lol
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    no for some odd reason they cant.... thats why m ythread got ruined and i had to make a new one to post pics EVERYONE GO LOOK AT THEM AND LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK

    BOYZNUS Registered+



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    (MrGreen) I know I'm late but I don't like ppl saying that you can't use sugar for your weed plants, but you actually can!!! All you need to know is a plant can use many remedies like aspirin water and ect... Even if you've been growing for years there are a lot of things you don't know about plants and how they survive. Now sugar isn't all the way good bcuz it brings flies and beetles but sugar also attracts ants and the ants kill the bugs. I also give my babies a weekly can of watermelon Arizona mixed with crushed crickets the vitamin C in the juice is a natural stress reducer and prevent deficiencies . Anything that decomposes and doesn't have an illness I can use it as fertilizer. Plants make there own sugar, so ppl want to jus drowned it with manufatuered sugar and water. It's not bad but it can go either way. Instead I get fresh pure Cain Sugar. I also have the best ways to grow a plant and without any fertilizer or hormones or special liquids, jus water and light. Plants are alive and we are connected to them bcuz of our carbon dioxide breath, so everyday I spend at least 2 hrs in the closet talking to the plants and purposely breathing all over them giving the a large and rich organic dose of carbon dioxide straight from my mouth. When you actually take time to care and really love your plants it shows. That plant that I used my breathe only had water and a few crickets and it was the strongest I've ever had. Also it reached maturity in only 50 days if u don't believe I have proof and still use this method today. Thx
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    11 years late

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