is leaving the weed in the baggie o.k?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Elote20, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Elote20

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    i just put my weed in a baggie and throw it in the back of one of my drawers. If that doing anything to it? Like losing its potency or something? I have heard of leaving weed in a air tight jar "cures" it.

    i just wanna know if the weed will rot or lose its magic if i leave it in a baggie in a drawer for like a week or two.
  2. Beefer86

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    If its not top shelf shit, it shouldnt matter.
  3. SparkSomeChange

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    It shouldnt matter for that short of a time period, but if you have an extra pill bottle lying around somewhere, put the bud in there and open it for about five minutes or so a day. This "cures" your bud like you mentioned, ive found it burns better after ive done this.
  4. fmacanthaya

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    I do the same. But don't leave it in there for more than 2 days. Use a glass jar or pill bottle.
    Crap I gotta take a dump lol. Wtf why am i typing i should be in the bathroom. Cya lol
  5. fallenangel14

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    i can honestly say my shit doesnt last that long to know...SUPER SMOKER:jointsmile:

    S.R.H.~BUDSMOKER~S.G Registered+

    yuh i buy and smoke buy and smoke it never lasts
  7. moui_woui

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  8. ldg420

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    if its dank, please keep it in glass, no bags, and please no metal pipes.
  9. AandS

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    I try to conserve as much as possible. Every time I make a buy, I throw it into a fresh, clean, ziplock sandwich bag afterwards then put it where ever. I smoke every night so when I open it up, it "cures" it or whatever for me. I don't notice any difference in taste or how it burns... weed is fuckin' weed!
  10. WaZ

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    It will be fine for a number of weeks in a plastic bag. You might consider double-bagging if you're an infrequent smoker, maybe a third bag of stuff to smoke that day/week/whatever. Glass jars are pretty cheap though, and you should get some of those if you plan to continue smoking somewhat regularly (talking about like $1-3).

    While plastic bags will work fine, glass jars (or something like that) would be better. To address what you actually asked.. your herb should not lose potency from plastic bags for a few weeks. Technically, the static of the plastic can pull off some of the 'magic' but it's not a big deal on small timescales...

    I usually save all my plastic bags that have held herb for a while for when I make some hash oil or something...
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  11. kikoraa

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    I use a tall ass Hydrocodone bottle

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