Is my First Check drug test a pass or fail? (super faint)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ringle101, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Yep, I see the line. A faint line is still a negative.

    Was this your first urination of the day?
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    Yep, first void of the day. That makes me feel better that someone else can see it. I swear a crappy camera phone does a pretty bad job at picking up the line, because it seems slightly more intense in person. I think I'm still going to go with a decent dilution regimen with a ton of creatine.
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    I went back to look at the testing cup a minute later and it appears as though the line is even more intense. Does this mean anything or is a photograph right after the 5 minute window more accurate? The sample cup is entirely empty, it hadn't still been soaking for the additional time.
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    Dont go too crazy with the creatine supps. While there are no upper standards established for creatinine, going overboard with the creatine-loading can result in long unwanted bathroom sessions, sitting on the toilet seat. :eek:

    Its still a line. Its still a negative.
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    Haha, I'm on day 2 of my creatine regimen so far (UA is tomorrow) and no problems like that so far. Hopefully I won't be crapping my brains out before the test. Any thoughts about my second post above?
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    here's a photo to show the difference after i looked back the cup like 10 minutes later. seems to be a pretty big difference to me. i know it doesn't make any difference in terms of pass/fail but it still seemed odd to me that it would darken this much when not in contact with my void
  8. ringle101

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    I thought I'd just give everyone an update. I have my first day scheduled on Monday of next week and they're asking me to set up my direct deposit and shit, so I'm going to take that as a pass. I'll make sure to provide another update if anything changes (i.e. if i was dilute or something).

    Stats: 125lbs/5'8"
    2 weeks clean before the test (day of the test was day 14) -- prior to this I smoked on average probably .2-.4 *every* day

    My regimen was basically:
    30g of creatine a day starting approximately 72hrs before my test. Roughly 5-6 heaping teaspoons a day. People reported cramping and diarrhea as a result of this but I had no issues at all even with this high of a dose
    Then I followed N2s regimen pretty closely except instead of re-upping with 3-4oz of water after each void I did a little bit more (maybe 6-8oz) since it seemed like I was voiding closer to 8-12oz at a time. About 2 hours before the test I took a B2 vitamin and then I took another one before I walked out the door. The void I gave for the test was a pretty solid yellow. If I had any advice to give in regards to the B2 it would be to just take one 100mg pill, anything more than that is overkill in terms of giving your urine some coloration.

    Since I was getting a physical along with my test I thought substitution was out of the picture. I had also never tried it before so I was a little too worried about trying it for the first time under those conditions. That being said, I could have totally gotten away with it. The physical came before urine test but it basically just consisted of a vision test/heart rate check.

    In summary, shoutouts to N2 and Burnt Toast, you guys are the best. And like I said, I'll provide an update if I actually hear anything at all about the test. Otherwise "no news is good news"

    Thanks again!
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    Hello, I just registered today and posted in the greetings section.

    I decided against starting a new thread since my topic is on faint lines, first voids, and using first void for DOT UA NUMBER 2, which follows a dil (-) result (not quoting) on test number 1, taken on 4/10.

    I am 140 lbs at most, healthy diet in March but more take-out and less food in April, healthy workout in March but not April--have been in stasis. I doubt I am 140lbs right now.

    I stopped smoking on March 31st and since then have taken 4 at-home tests--1 of the cup variation seen here and 3 of the same brand but the egg-shaped. I took them 4/6, 4/8, 4/13, and today 4/14. Thru wishful thinking I did not use first void for the first three tests. dumb. I passed the first three with faint lines and learned to despise line faintness and the lack of change after more and more clean days, despite the constant emphasis here on faint lines being (-).

    Last night I got wise and decided I was a fool for my test-strategy and that I would take the 4th test with my first void, without drinking fluids first. I did not browse this board thoroughly enough because I missed all of your emphasis, Toast, on using the first void and thus minimizing variables.

    I was at first dismayed to barely see a line on my egg-shaped test. It was significantly worse than my other faint lines. Yuck, I thought. If you asked me if I could barely see the line I would say "yes, I don't think there could be a fainter line" but if you asked me if I thought it was a "white, waxy line" I would say "no" and that I barely understand how it is possible to see a white waxy line on a white back-drop. With that being said at least one of my previous egg-shaped tests seemed to have more saturation to the point where the test-area looked more..wet, stained? grey? A google search of the test I refer to yields a question in their official FAQ that indicates a white waxy line is a prelim positive--that is why I mention. The instructions that come with the same test do not include this question, although the cup test I took 4/13 had far more extensive questions so there are at least two iterations of the product.

    I took my first test already and used dilution method (bought a product that came with B pills, and more B pills separately -at the time of purchase I did not look carefully enough to see the pills that came with the drink were B pills). My pee was a lousy neon color and it was probably the 6th void of the day. I woke up at 7:30am and took the test at 1:00pm. Last week I was just nervous but confident I would not fail but now I look back and realize how stupid I was. With that said, I passed those two egg-shaped tests without using first void so I may have actually bought myself valuable time (of course I just spent way more money than I should have, and if I had cared more about creatine than color I might have been entirely successful with the dilution method).

    The result was I have to take another test either Monday 4/15 or by close of business Tuesday 4/16. I already told them I would take one last Friday 4/12 if I had to (I found out the results that day) as part of the strategy to not appear suspicious, considering I found this out while at work (YUCK). Thus, I think that taking the test before work tomorrow is the best fit for the strategy.

    My question: should I use the first void to guarantee no dillution? If so, is it still absolutely important to use mid-stream?

    I did not use mid-stream of the first void because I wanted to minimize variables, and after 14 days of being clean wanted to believe I was good to go entirely.

    If I do not use first void I know the color won't be as yellow, but I believe I have learned that color is not as important as creatine (creatinine?) and specific gravity, and therefore my initial result was no-good due to abnormal dilution. Would I be okay with using my 2nd, 3rd, whatever? I feel that I should worry about normal use of water on the day that I take the test since this is #2 I woke up this morning dehydrated and cracked a red bull but urinated minutes after. I don't think one day will make a difference, but the other option is taking the test Tuesday and not Monday. I don't like the suspicion there but maybe it isn't that suspicious, and definitely passing the test is more important than arousing suspicion. OMG I don't want to sub. I don't anticipate they will watch me because they didn't before but OMG I don't want to sub. I just wanted to be clean after so many days of not smoking : (
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    I am also concerned that if I pass the 2nd test they might ask questions or take some action based on the fact that my creatine (creatinine?) level will be vastly different this time due to no abnormal dilution. Maybe that is silly paranoia, but my response might be something like "I work out and tend to drink water--in addition (or maybe just this --> ) I smoke cigarettes and drink water to combat dry mouth at work and in general."
  11. Burnt Toast

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    What brand of test is this, and what site? (without posting links)
  12. TakeWithToast

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    First Check for all the tests, egg-shaped and cup. What is fascinating, and suspicious(?), is that the website now says it is not available. The site was First Check Family, and was the top Google search result of "first check ghost line."
  13. TakeWithToast

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    I quote from the Google search result though: "A white waxy looking line in the Drug Window (sometimes referred to as a “ghost line”) is considered a Preliminary Positive Result and should be sent into the ..."
  14. TakeWithToast

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    As a heads-up: I am confident that I am borderline with the first void of the day--no one could deny there was a line perhaps only a tad fainter than the original poster's above. That means I am even better with each subsequent. Thus there is no reason to dilute and I will take care of business and be done with this.

    I don't know anyone who could actually hold it long enough to really give their 1st anyway so obviously I won't be using that one. In that case I can use my 3rd if I want, provided I am awake long enough to do so without consuming too many fluids. I had been worried about dilution--color and creatine--but I am not going to dilute creatine so I don't care about the color as long as it isn't clear.
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    You think i'm good? This was my second piss of the morning without much water.
  16. Burnt Toast

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    Take another test, this time use the first void of the day and with no fluids consumed prior.

    If youre consistently testing negative with the first void (regardless of line intensity), youre good to go.
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    I submitted my sample at LabCorp last Friday at 3p. Regular user for a lot of years, but took it easy through Aug and Sept. I was more of an occassional user and did have a few sets of days without any. I had some real weak smoke for 15 of the 18 days before the test and had 3 days w/out smoking. I am not hungry when I don't smoke, so I also lost at least 5lbs in the month leading up to the test. I am female, 5'9" tall and weigh about 122lbs right now. I failed a FirstCheck on Saturday, at home, but used a sample stronger than what I'd submitted. I didn't pee right before I went so the pee was in there since my first void of the day, which was dumb but did drink only about 8oz of water @ 45mins before I arrived to submit. On Tuesday night, at 9:30p, I received an email confirmation of my verbal acceptance of the offer, but it still has the line about it all being contingent on passing the pre-employment urine test. Wednesday morning at 5a, on the dot, I received the third email I'd been told I'd receive, with an Employee ID#. Today is a week exactly and I haven't been called to say it was dirty. Still a little worried, but thought maybe this would help others or maybe someone would know if this means I'm cool? This has been a gut-wrenching experience and I know I'm not alone. I'm afraid to let myself think it's ok.
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    Hi, I gave this test to my husband and for THC I knew it was going to be positive but I'm concerned about this barely visible lines for TCA and OXY. I read that even if the lines are bright test. Is still negative but I need more opinions because the lines for all other drugs are dark why are these brighter then?

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  19. Dabup

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    Amelie, a line is a line no matter the intensity. Only drug he has in his system is THC
  20. Amelie

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    Thanks. For THC I knew, and I'm not concerned cause it happens once in few months.
    But I have my suspicions about pain killers and the lines are bright exactly there.

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